Ask Seung Yoon a question on FaceBook!

Earlier today, many fans of Kang Seung Yoon were upset over the fact that he had deleted his twitter account. Twitter which happens to be one the most effective(?) ways for fans to interact and keep in touch with their Idols and hence the disappointment was quite obvious. But all hope is not lost. Kang’s Official Facebook Page has some good news for us : A Q&A Time With Kang Seung Yoon!

“You can ask Kang Seung Yoon ONE question, what would it be~? Seung Yoon will pick & answer your question~!”

Within 19 hours the post has over 15,500 likes and as of now has precisely 281 comments. As mentioned in the post, Seung Yoon will be picking a question and answering it.  There are chances that he might not pick your question but you never know right! So go ahead and ask him  your question here.

by grace @ksyupdates


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