2ne1’s Naver Line Update (130814)

[SandoraPark] CL told me to upload it kkk

[SandoraPark] My CL wanted me to upload it ^.^ yoohoo my CL~~~kkk

[crophair] I wanted to look pretty today in my crop hair, but I did it the wrong direction and the camera didn’t catch the crop part…ㅠ.ㅠ Why did this happen!!! kkkkkkkk

[Mangkki] Mangkki saw it. Jara unni k

[JaRa Unni] oh…thanks ~^.^

[Mangkki] you look preeetty~

[Baem] kkkkkkk

[Baem] What’s this JaRa and Mangkki kkkkkk

[Baem] funnnyyy~~~~*^^*

[Dar] oh mother~ you haven’t slept kkk out of nowhere kkk

by grace @ksyupdates


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