Yoo In Na’s ‘Turn Up The Volume’ w/ 2ne1 and Kang Seung Yoon

Two Singer’s who know how to play well.

2ne1 and Kang Seung Yoon!

They have come to ‘Turn Up the Volume’

We are YG~
Family Family Family~

I wonder if these close(ly knitted) people are united~

So Everyone just , Raise your spirits up with these God’s.

[Bommie Unnie, Are you sleeping? Who are you? Talk a little.]

“Eh..  that’s right..  I am really sleeping..

 Give me a little time”

There’s no class. Please wake up slowly. Slowly. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Soon YG In the house.

Seung Yoon ssi’s Girl Fanclub has been founded.

I’m not sure how to play and have fun.

Volume Family CL’s Story,

“Hiking is the best recommended thing ㅋ Even though I go alone…”

 Wearing the fully equipped Hiking Outfit.

Santa was a woman…ㅋ

(Source-CL Instagram)


“Should I buy a Hiking outfit as well….”

Ah, also Today!!

Kang Seung yoon ssi That’s two new songs released! <Like a thief>!

 The Music Video I’m talking about,

Did you notice the emphasis.

 “It Touched. Lips……ㅎ”

Talking like a star again.

“Kiss Scene only was taken many times, Did. It. Touch. For. Real”

“But we did it for the quality of my music video. The director wanted that as well.”

Sitting beside and listening quietly, CL..

I also know that director but he’s not the type to pressure people

“I know the Director, He’s definitely not like that”


Tell us the truth..please.

We asked 2ne1’s Maknae Line.

Unnie’s Dating ban has been lifted…I’m Jealous.

“No. Never”


Even though the ban is lifted…won’t do it.


Bom ssi’s Eyelashes 후~  the blowing line

A Handsome lover will appear..☆

Today the one hour feel’s too short.

That is why its very very pitiable.

2ne1 and Kang Seung Yoon

You will come again next time right?ㅎ

Translations by grace @ksyupdates


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