YG Trainees to Meet JYP Trainees on Fourth Episode of “WIN: Who Is Next”

The YG trainees of Team A and Team B will have to put aside their differences as they go head to head with JYP‘s trainees on the fourth episode of ”WIN: Who Is Next.”

The trainees from the rival companies will have a special battle for the episode of “WIN: Who Is Next” that is airing tonight. The preview clip on Mnet‘s official Youtube channel starts off with Papa YG explaining to his surprised trainees that he will send to them to JYP for a battle. Team A and Team B become one as the YG trainees meet the JYP’s trainees. This episode will be particularly interesting because it will also reveal the trainees and their talents in JYP entertainment.

“WIN: Who Is Next” is a reality survival programs produced by YG Entertainment. Male trainees from YG Entertainment split into two teams, Team A and Team B, and compete with each other to be the next YG group to debut.

This exciting episode of “WIN: Who Is Next” will air on September 13 at 10PM (KST).

Credits : Soompi


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