What Kang Seung Yoon Think’s about Team Work?

Superstar K2 ‘Super Week’ Group Mission (Ep. 6) on 08/27/2010

KSY explains why he gave up the guitar.

I was worried there would be problem in team work If I kept playing the guitar. For that reason I put the

guitar down and I think it is good. It’s fun and I can harmonize better with others. I’ll work arduously.

Yoon Jong Shin tries to give excuses for Kang Seung Yoon’s not-outstanding performance.

YJS: Didn’t you question why they asked you to sing this Davichi song (8282) [a female vocal song]…and finally, you did not shine as predicted?

KSY: But it’s not about me singing individually. Team work is more important and I think this is the risk I have to take even if I must sacrifice myself somehow.

YJS: Although the sacrifice could lead to elimination?

KSY: (silence… silence… silence and finally with firm voice) Of course the elimination…it is  not what I want. However I do regret I could’t showcase my talent. It is not solely due to the song or due to the team members. Yes. I will accept the consequences.

Kang Seung Yoon’s interview after his regrettable elimination.

I am sorry I was eliminated but I am still thankful. Although I have regret, I want to keep challenging as  I still have plenty of days in the future and there are a lot of other opportunities left.

Translated By : theghost


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