Yang extremely happy with GD and Taeyang’s coaching of Team A and B on ‘WIN’

Yang Hyun Suk, the founder of YG Entertainment, expressed content on ‘WIN’.

 It was a rare smile for Yang Hyun Suk, who has always been the strict coach to the trainees appearing on ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’ on Mnet.

 On the episode aired on Sept 27, Yang had a big smile on his face when Teams A (Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon, Song Min Ho, Kim Jin Woo, Nam Tae Hyun) and B (B.I., Bobby, Kim Jin Hwan, Kim Dong Hyuk, Koo Jun Hoe, Song Yoon Hyung) performed remarkably for the very first battle.

The rare affection was heartwarming for all watchers, as some of the trainees were even traumatized by his harsh criticism and comments.

 All members from both Teams A and B surpassed the expectation of the CEO in the first battle of ‘WIN’, successfully showing more honed talents. The contestants became a step closer to becoming a pro, thanks to the effort of BIGBANG’s TAEYANG and G-DRAGON. They had the opportunity to learn how to enjoy being on stage.

 Team A, trained by TAEYANG, showcased ‘Only Look At Me’ and ‘Wedding Dress’, while GD-trained Team B fought back by performing ‘One of a Kind’, ‘That XX’, combined with ‘Crayon.’

 The teams were consisted of members who were recognized for their individual talents and uniqueness. And their combined talents for the first battle were truly a great source of entertainment for the viewers as well. The viewers’ voting system that starts immediately after the show ended at 11p.m. on Sept 27 lasts until midnight of the 29th. Voters, through the Internet, mobile application and social games, are paying close attention to the trainees.

 BIGBANG and 2NE1 who appeared on the show as judges were impressed by the trainees’ talents, but critically analyzed their performances. Team B gathered the highest number of votes from the judges. Team B has also previously beat Team A at the monthly evaluation session.

 Yang Hyun Suk praised Team B, but also highly praised Team A for making improvements to the weaknesses he pointed out previously. Song Min Ho confidently rapped while Lee Seung Hoon worked on his pronunciation. Yang’s compliments for these members are expected to add momentum to the group.

 ‘WIN’ is a program that divides YG’s 11 trainees into Teams A and B for a fierce battle. There will be 3 battles in total throughout the10 episodes. The winning team makes a debut to become the first boy group of YG in 8 years under the group name WINNER. Viewer can vote for either team using the Internet, Mobile devices/application, social games and live text messaging. The result depends completely on the spectators.

 In order to seize the name WINNER, the two teams must win higher number of votes from the viewers throughout the 3 battles. The first battle that took place on Sept 27 will take up 20% of the entire score. Voting started immediately after the show finished on Sept 27, and will last until midnight of 29.

 The second battle scheduled to be aired on Oct 11 will also take up 20%, which will employ the Internet, mobile application voting system. The 3rd battle on Oct 25, which will be aired live, will take up 60%. The result of the last battle will be determined by the Internet, mobile apps and live text massaging system.

 The final winner, who has the highest number of votes from the viewers, will be making a debut as WINNER. The scores of the judges, their advice and criticism are for the viewers to take note of, and will be not counted toward the final tally.

Credits: YG-LIFE


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