‘WIN’ on the rise : Show for the youngsters? Uh-uh, also loved by people in their 40’s

According to Nielson Korea, the company that analyses viewing rates, the first battle on ‘WIN’ recorded 1.0% viewing rate while Team B’s performance hit whopping 1.3%. The intriguing point here is that the majority of the viewers were consisted of women in their 20’s, which was the same as the previous episode, but the groups that followed were quite different: men in their 20’s and women in their 40’s. This proves that ‘WIN’ has indeed secured a wide range of audience.

It can be analyzed that the 11 trainees, divided into Teams A and B, won the hearts of the viewers by sincerely wanting to make a debut and working night and day to achieve the dream. Their genuine diligence grabbed the attention of a huge array of viewers, disregarding their age.

The result of the battles is completely dependent on the viewers. The competition is ignited by the first battle revealed on episode 6, where the viewers could join in to vote for their favorite team.

‘WIN, ‘WIN voting’ and ‘WIN Team B’ have been the most-searched phrase on different search engines since the show was aired, while the program was added as a Plus Friend by the highest number of people on Kakao Talk. Hitting 700,000 views daily on Daum portal site, ‘WIN’ has topped the chart of most-viewed daily videos.

Episode 6 was indeed entertaining for the viewers as members of BIGBANG and 2NE1 appeared as judges, apart from G-DRAGON and TAEYANG coaching the teams as their mentors. Team B, which is consisted of members less known to the public than those of Team A, had the opportunity to show each of their talents and uniqueness to the viewers. They also contributed greatly to achieving the highest viewing rate.

Viewers can vote using Daum portal site, Kakao Talk and Kakao Talk’s Fantasy Runner game. The voting began immediately after episode 6 finished, lasting for 3 days until midnight of Sept 29.

Credits: YG-LIFE


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