Winner (Team A)’s Final Battle’s Dance Interpretation

[Lee Seung Hoon]

<When he opens the door and comes out>

This is when the WINNER was announced and Seung Hoon returning to the waiting room wiping his sweat.

From this point it seems that he is showing his reminiscence as being part of this program, WIN.

[Kim Jin Woo – Lee Seung Hoon]

This is a dance of 2 different people becoming one team.

In this scene, it seems that they are supporting each other but they are dancing in opposite direction.

This is the start of the battle (=reminiscence).

It means that, at the beginning, before they became separated into Team A and B, they practiced together and looked forward to the same way (had one way together)

But later, they turn away from each other, facing opposite direction.

[Song Min Ho – Lee Seung Hoon – Nam Tae Hyun]

They work hard to become a real team. They do the same dance moves and improve teamwork.

(KSY and Kim Jin Woo practiced in the same group from 3 yrs ago and Nam Tae Hyun joined this group last year.

Until last year Seung Hoon separately practiced as a Duo but it didn’t survive and joined KSY’s group at the beginning of this year.

And Min Ho joined last via private audition in March this year.

So the team was formed in March this year and the battle started in May.)

That’s why they didn’t have such a strong friendship. In episode 1 of WIN you can see that.

But in the last battle Jin Woo says ‘We gained trust’ and Min Ho also says ‘We gained teamwork’.

So this part of dance shows the beginning of WIN, the team that doesn’t know where to head yet.

That’s why when Seung Hoon came, there was no welcoming greeting at all, they only dance together. Them dancing exactly the same moves can be considered as the team being quite awkward.


LSH (Team A) – KSY (Team B)

This is the battle of one bringing the other down.

Until the second battle Team A kept on losing against Team B.

So LSH falls down on the ground and KSY is striding ahead and trying to step on him.

But LSH keeps on avoiding and he tries not to be stepped on.

And he shakes off KSY’s hands probably because of this rival or his pride as a hyung.

(Remember, Tae Hyun said in the first battle that he feels embarrassed that he keeps on losing against DongSaengs.<Younger people>)

Lastly there forms a Team A.

[Kim Jin Woo – Song Min Ho – LSH – Nam Tae Hyun – KSY]

It is the appearance of Team A that gained trust in each other and created their own color.

The dance moves are not all the same like before.

They each do a different dance move and it forms uniqueness.

This means that the 5 now became a real team.

[When Min Ho kicks in the air and Tae-Hyun does a DJ-ing move with a tired expression]

This shows,

The more the time of battle goes by, the tougher it becomes.

Min Ho kicking – they are refusing this battle that is hurting them.

Tae Hyun doing a DJ move and his expression – shows his tired heart.

[2 people : KSY – SMH (=Team A)

3 people – NTH – LSH – KJW (=Team B)]

But the battle goes on. They cannot do anything about it.

Just like Team B having 6 members and Team A having 5 members,

they are having a battle as 3 people against 2 people.

[Tae Hyun’s windmill in the middle]

Tae Hyun’s dance(windmill) shows aggressiveness and the 4 members around him are shielding(protecting) him.

This part can be interpreted as 2 meanings:

1) The members of Team A supporting each other and moving forward

2) The relationship between Team A and the fans

(There were a lot of episodes among Korean fans.

eg-The incident about PC-bang [a cafe with computers/kind of a computer room but you have to pay for it]

  This was when there was a rumor about a Team A fan who owns a PC-bang posting that he/she would let people use the computers for free from 10-12pm on the final battle night if they vote for Team A. BUT this was proven to be a self-fabricated scenario – it was either a Team B fan or a fan who hated Team A )

There were a lot of rumors and this part of dance represents Team A going through hard stuff and us fans supporting them at the back by trying to clarify the rumors and voting for them so that they can be the winner.

[And at the end]

Tae Hyun doing the tumbling and getting out of the loop means that they have escaped from the slough.

[Finally the last scene]


Battle is over (=the memory is over)

LSH has returned to the beginning and he tries to grab the memory but he can’t.

Because the WINNER has been already decided.

After the battle is over, whether he won or lost, he has to go back to his life. LSH feels sad about this separation/breakup. LSH looking sorrowful shows that this battle has no winner.

Trans by (@TeamAtheWINNER)

source : dcwin


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  1. Wooooow thanks for sharing this…now i can see it , it´s beautiful Seunghoon is a genious….wooo thanks now i´m more in love with them…ahhhh i wanna see them already on stages…

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