New YG Boy Group ‘WINNER’ express thoughts after the competition!

YG Entertainment’s Team A from their rookie survival program WIN: WHO IS NEXT was chosen to be the final winner, and ahead of their official debut they have stated, “We’re exploding from nervousness”.

WINNER consists of five members, namely Lee Seunghoon, Kim Jinwoo, Kang Seungyoon, Nam Taehyun, and Song Minho. OSEN met with WINNER on the 30th to hear their comments about the final debut, their feelings for their debut, and their future goals.

Kim Jinwoo: “I still haven’t realized it yet, that we won the final battle. I will strive to keep the title of WINNER clean and shiny without any scratches on it.”

Nam Taehyun modestly said: “We’re not debuting just yet. Until the day we debut, we will not slack off nor slow down in order to fill in the lacking places that YG and we agree on. Until the day we debut, we will continue to work hard.”

Earlier appearing on Mnet’s “SUPERSTAR K2”, MBC’s “High Kick 2: Revenge of the Short-Legged” as well as making his debut as a solo artist, Kang Seungyoon said: “It’s the first time in my life that I have ever gotten #1. I’ve been Superstar K’s Kang Seungyoon, High Kick’s Kang Seungyoon, ‘Instinctively’s Kang Seungyoon. I’ve been many Kang Seungyoons but now I am just proud to have the name of WINNER after taking part in so many different activities.

Song Minho: “With the finals, the stage was very hectic so I don’t think I ever said thank you to our fans. With the cheering and voting, I really just want to say to our WINNER fans, ‘Thank you’”

And we ended it with Lee Seunghoon talking about how the group is being mentioned as the ‘second Big Bang’: Our Big Bang seniors are one of the top icons in the music industry. Like those seniors who carried out Korea’s culture, I hope that we too can be a team where we can carry out Asian culture. We hope that we can be artists that will not damage our senior’s reputation.”, showing his big ambitions for the future.

On another note, Team A’s victory in ‘WIN’ have earned them the title of “WINNER” and starting from mid-November, they will be embarking with Big Bang to accompany them for their Japan Dome Tour as the opening acts. The group is expected to officially debut in December or early next year.

Source: Osen
Translated by: winner-trans @ Tumblr


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