WINNER : What YANG CEO means to me?

Practice, battle, practice, battle, practice, battle, and eventually debuting. The ‘2nd Big Bang’, WINNER, said, “To us, YG means…”

The WINNER members who have confirmed their debut recently met with TVReport could not hide their anticipation. However, they also revealed their apologetic heart towards WIN Team B who are unable to debut right now. Finally, WINNER is reaching the end of their long training period. Meanwhile, we asked them, “What were your thoughts on YG while going through your most difficult times?” “Indeed, who is YG to WINNER?”

Nam Taehyun: Yang Hyun Suk CEO is like a tough father to me.

Lee Seunghoon: Yang Hyun Suk CEO is a religion. He’s there for me to just blindly believe in him. Sort of like God Yang? (Laughs) While participating in KPOP STAR, it was Boss that was able to see the potential within me. I have come here because of his choice. I trust our boss unconditionally.

Kim Jinwoo: Boss is a chameleon. Just like how a chameleon changes color, our boss also changes his image. Sometimes he is strict, sometimes he is like an angel. He’s given us a lot of support and strength throughout the battle.

Song Minho: Boss is like the rainy season. His critiques are like the harsh downpour of the rain. But I think that he’s also the umbrella that creates opportunities. (Thinking again) Boss is also my love as well. (Laughs)

Kang Seungyoon: Speaking honestly, YG is like a father to me. In fact, since I don’t have a father next to me, he really is like my real father. Boss was the one who caught me when I was dazed. Honestly, when there were times that I thought I was going to collapse, he has always caught me. I received a lot of strength from him. I’m really grateful to him.

Source: TVReport
Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes


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