Kang Seungyoon-Lee Seung Hoon taken aback “We’re in YG and now another survival?…”

WIN Team A members Kang Seungyoon and Lee Seunghoon were both taken aback when the survival program, WIN, was started. “Another survival?” they screamed.

The group WINNER debuting Kang Seungyoon, Nam Taehyun, Song Minho, Lee Seunghoon, and Kim Jinwoo recently met up at TV Report’s office. On this day, we asked Kang Seungyoon and Lee Seunghoon, “You’re in a survival program once again after going through an audition program to get into YG. How did you feel?”

Kang Seungyon and Lee Seunghoon from the survival program, ‘WIN’, have also gone through the survival programs, MNET’s ‘Superstar K2’ and SBS ‘KPOP STAR’.

Kang Seungyoon opened up, “The first time I found out we were doing a survival again, I had a hard time.” Followed by, “After enduring battles I found myself improving. I went through a tremendous development the past 10 weeks. So he realized YG CEO’s thoughts, ‘Of course this is CEO’s (plan)’.

Lee Seunghoon screamed, “Again? Again?” He continued, “I watched as Lee Hi, and KPOP STAR 2’s Akdong Musician make their own debuts,” he continued laughing, “even Kang Seungyoon’s solo debut.”

Following that, “As I watched all these people making their debut I thought I was gradually getting farther away from my own debut. However, I was actually glad once the battle started. I thought, ‘Another chance for me to debut has been given’ and I felt a sense of relief. He ended, “Let’s just put my life on the line for 100 days and do this.”

Source: http://m.media.daum.net/m/entertain/newsview/20131104094009667
Translated by JENI@onewomansubs


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