“YG·JYP New Boy Groups “We Will Catch EXO””

YG new male group ‘Winner’ debut in December
JYP the ‘post-2PM’ imitation 7 ready

Competition of the boy groups of the ‘Big 3’ is starting again. While SM Entertainment’s ‘hit’ boy group EXO is planning on making a November comeback, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are both showing their boy groups one after the other.Placed across, YG and JYP are going against the storm of boy groups that SM made with EXO.

YGE’s new boy group Winner was determined on the 25th(of october) after a 10 episode long Mnet Survival Audition Program WIN.The eleven YG trainees were divided into Team A and . They had a showdown and fought live for the title and finally Team A with five members won the viewers vote.

They’re official debut will be in as early as December. They will be the boy group from YG after 7 years following Big Bang. Mnet Superstar K’s native Kang Seung Yoon who debuted as a solo artist is also a part of the group. Both new groups of YG and JYP, post Big Bang and post JYP are attracting attention.

t/n : Only Winner related parts translated. Other parts omitted.
Translation by : grace @gyelloG Source : sports.donga


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