Turn Up the Volume with WINNER Notice

Many people would’ve been expecting me.
However, more than that person the people
were perhaps expecting these guys right.

Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon, Song Mino, Nam Tae Hyun, Kim Jin Woo

These five men have been
finally named WINNER
Also this name, I’d like to introduce
on Volume for the first time.
What to do(otteokkayo), this feeling.
Also…What will happen,
They have been ready a long time.

All of you contemplate on what
you want to say with the members.
Also, Volume Family will pass on
what they want to ask.
You all know, your help is needed
in doing all these things right?

Big Ones, small ones, we recommend everything.
Do leave your questions as well as what you
want to say to the WINNER members on the board.

Wednesday, 20th of November
The first live radio broadcast of the five men.
Welcome the volume family with warm cheers as well :)

Translations by Gyello4ever
Source: kbs.co.kr


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