Yoo In Na’s ‘Volume Up’ with Winner

The guys who made Wednesday night very hot.

Volume’s invited guests were WINNER!

The first official schedule since the team was formed.

Is that why.
The members expressions are all serious
since they stepped into the studio. ㅎ

[NTH : Oh I’m seen]
(t/n: Seen on screen)

“Excuse Me, Am I seen?
Then the people listening to the radio are watching me right now?

“Like this  Yoo In Na Sunbaenim Volu…9ㅂ2$^@^@”

(t/n: as in Pardon..I didn’t get you)

“Coming to Volume#(@#*!*!!”

…Yes? Come closer to the mike and speak please.

“I… I am doing that now”

JinWoo ssi, the one in your hands..
Is not a real mike!!!!!

There’s still a little tension.

Is it because they’re young…
They adapt real quick.

Seung Hoon ssi, danced and showed his aegyo.
Mino ssi, rapped.

[NTH: Eushya!!!!]

Tae Hyun ssi, stretched for about 2o minutes. ㅋ

[Tae Hyun Oppa, is it true that you’ve learnt Martial Arts?]


“Ah yes…I’ve learnt since I was young”
(t/n: above is a transliteration. He means he learnt when he was young.)

Whoa, Unbelievable.
Can you show us some basics?

[NTH: Mixed Martial Arts….]

“In martial arts you need raise your guard…like this” 

….No matter who sees it
It seems right….;

Breakout song
Seunghoon,Jinwoo and Mino ssi
gently ask for more.

“We, don’t we go on till exactly 10?”

Closing and ads are to be done as well
Does it get over within 50 minutes?

“We have about 1o minutes left with us”

Then they proceeded mumbling amongst themselves.

“Daebak. How did time fly away like this.”
“Exactly. It’s a pity.”

Mother like smile comes out on hearing such words. ㅎ

Winner leaving the booth with heavy hearts.
(t/n: they’re sad it’s over)

Formed a Line.

[Bow down after counting 1..2..3???]

Bow down after counting 1..2..3?? Alright??

[Thank you!!! We’ll work hard!!]


90 Degree bow for the fans to look
after themselves during this cold weather. ㅎ

You hear the voice of a staff person from behind.

“I didn’t hear”

That person doesn’t have noonchi…

Moving on to the waiting room.

Sitting here and there and working hard in signing…

Some person passes by??

They jump up and greet them.

Then sit down again to write.
If someone else passes by
they get up again.

In.Fi.Ni.Te. Loop

“I…just…cannot stand still.”

Is that so Mino ssi. Well thought;;


“Just…One more copy…”

What is this…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Like some sort of Autograph show ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Because of Seunghoon ssi’s sign…

“The magic should have stayed..”

If you do it with a ball pen, it will look shabby.
That’s why Seung Hoon ssi put an outline to it.
You can see it if you look closely.

Good..this somehow seems to be right.

WINNER’s official debut.
Yoo DJ as well as the Volume family
are really looking forward to it.

You guys promised first right?
That you guys will return.
Do not forget, by all means :)


Also, Winner’s fans have sent in a lot of
full-of-sense gifts in practical scale.

Even though the picture’s not there,
from the mikes Yoo DJ and Winner had and
Hand cream, lip balm, postcards and ball pens also have been sent.
Everything has been generously sent,
to be evenly distributed. Thank you very much.

Like promised,
we also have prepared a return :)

If that’s the case..is it enough?

Translated by Gyello4ever
Source: kbs.co.kr


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