2NE1 “Bought Kalbi for WINNER. Attention on Younger Male Hoobaes”

2NE1 revealed their affection for their company’s junior, WINNER.

2NE1 (CL, Park Bom, Sandara Park, Gong Minji) mentioned YG’s new rookie group, WINNER (Kang Seungyoon, Song Minho, Nam Taehyun, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon) during an interview on November 25th at a restaurant in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

WINNER took the final victory last October 25th at the Olympic Stadium located in Songpa-gu, Seoul where they participated in the final battle of WIN: WHO IS NEXT with Team B. With this, WINNER has been chosen as the new YG boy group, 8 years after BIG BANG.

CL who recently watched over her juniors revealed, “I think the results came out as I expected. I’m really happy to have juniors in our company. That’s why I gathered the juniors and bought them dinner not too long ago. The menu was Kalbi.” She began, “At first I thought ‘what would be different if we had new juniors’. But now, I’m actually very happy to have them with us. In the beginning, when Lee Hi became my junior, I really wanted to help her as much as I could when we were on stage together.”

About this CL continued, “Dara-unnie is also especially happy to have younger male juniors.” Sandara Park replied, “Since we’re family members, even so, they really caught my attention. Those kids’ eyes are always sparkling, you know.” Dara expressed her thoughts, “It’s really cute when they have the attitude, ’2NE1 seniors, please teach us well.’ I’m going to watch over them in the future and I’m looking forward to taking care of them as well. When we debuted as well, our seniors took great care of us too.”

Park Bom added, “They’re really great and follow their seniors very well. All the noonas love it. (Laughs)” CL continued, “Another great thing is that they’re in the same age group as 2NE1′s maknae, Gong Minji.” She adds, “Since Minzy started her idol activities at a very young age, she wasn’t able to meet a lot of friends even though she wanted to because of how busy we were. I think this is a great chance for her to meet and get closer as friends to juniors who are the same age as her. I hope they become closer in the future.”

CL said, “We encouraged them right away and went up on the stage with them when the results that Team A won during WIN’s final battle. I personally told Team B, ‘Rather think of this as a great opportunity for you to do well.’” She continued, “Because they can still prepare and show a stronger stage in front of the fans and that this isn’t the end of their path. They’ll be able to debut someday and in any case, it’s advantageous for them to be able to use this time and practice more. I said these words to my juniors.”

She also revealed the advice she gave to WINNER. CL explained, “To my juniors who have done well, gather up your feelings and prepare to run.” Honestly, it’s more important to show them actions instead of words. The best example is for them to put all their sincerity into their music and show us a great stage.”

Park Bom revealed about WIN’s results, “The team that my heart was going towards and the team I thought was going to win was different. My heart was going towards Team A but in my head, I thought the winning team would be Team B. I felt that they did a bit better. However, I’m really happy that Team A was chosen as the WINNER, too.”

Meanwhile, 2NE1 has revealed their song “Missing you” and has been #1 on many charts.

Source: newsen
Translated by: @onewomansubs


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