Fans Reactions to Kang Seung Yoon at Hello Winner Event

NOTE: There’s an active Jap-Kor translator on Kang Seungyoon’s Gallery that always makes these compilations, that’s why this whole post is only of Seungyoon.  Hopefully someone or that person will also make a compilation for all of the members on the WINNER Gallery. ^^

  • Seungyoon and Taehyun’s Japanese were great.  Seungyoon translated in Korean for the other members.  He’s really cool…and a bit skinny.
  • Seungyoon was actually the last one I saw but he’s a total flower boy!!! He had mushroom hair, white knit shirt, and dark-coloured pants.
  • I cried, “I love you!” to Seungyoon and he laughed at me saying “Hu Hu~”  He’s so cool.
  • I almost cried while screaming this but I really shouted, “I love you!!!” until Seungyoon looked at me.  I kept making eye-contact with him during the whole thing.  Ah, I can die happy now.
  • It was so cute the way Seungyoon would give his cards with an over the top action~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Seungyoon’s HELLO card

His favourite Japanese words:

Yearning (懐かしさ), Love (愛)

  • Seungyoon’s face is whiter than tofu.
  • I said I love you to Seungyoon and he said “I love you” back.  I received his card too~ Ah, I can die now.
  • Seungyoon!!! I hope you remember me. He kept nodding while I kept saying I love you. ㅋㅋ Until the staff finally had to tell me to stop, I kept saying that ㅋㅋ
  • When the little girl went up on stage, although Seungyoon was last, he already knelt down and waited cheerfully for the little kid.  He was really cute.  He’ll really become a cool father later on~
  • They asked, “What do you want to eat right now?” and Seungyoon yelled, “Okonomiyaki~!“ (Japanese pancake/pizza) Then all of them screamed, “Okonomiyaki~”

  • Seungyoon is so~ cute~!
  • There’s so many tweets of people falling for Seungyoon…is he that handsome in person?
  • I was so shocked at how handsome Seungyoon was. All WINNER members’ faces were so small.  Whenever the members couldn’t understand Japanese, he would always explain to them.
  • Kang Seungyoon…how should I say this…he kept giving us a smiley-smiley fan service! So different from his cool image ㅋㅋ
  • Seungyoon silently creeped up to Seunghoon and got closer and then…backhug! It was so~oo~oo~o cute!
  • Seungyoon’s aegyo. Aigo, this guy.  He really knows what the fans want~

  • Seungyoon and Jinwoo~ I saw them for the first time today. I really liked them even more! Now I feel like listening to their songs~
  • Seungyoon sang a bit of Go Up for the prolonging atmosphere~ so the MC said, “More~” And Seungyoon kept repeating, “More? More? More?” To~tally cute!

Fan meetings Final Words:

We’ll work even harder in order to let you guys see us perform in our own concert.  Please cheer us on a lot~” 

Credits: Jeni @onewomansubs | Source : DC Winner


5 thoughts on “Fans Reactions to Kang Seung Yoon at Hello Winner Event

  1. It’s human to err. Our Intern is still in the learning process. We’ve corrected the Credits and Source as mentioned. Do forgive and we’ll try and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Thanks for visiting the blog ^^

    • no prob. I just wanted to let you guys know so that there’s no hard feelings. :) and you’re right, it’s a learning process. goodluck!

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