2014’S Expexted Rising Star, YG ‘WINNER’ Overwhelming 1st Place

YG group’s ‘WINNER’ was voted for 2014’s most expected rising star.

Winner claimed 1st place in the poll asked by the community portal site ‘DC Inside’ which was held from last November 26th to December 3rd under the topic “The most expected rising star in 2014?”

Getting the most votes with 15,722 votes (57.8%) out of the total 27,223 votes, Winner is a new rookie boy group that won in YG Entertainment’s survival audition ‘WIN’. Consisted of Kang Seung Yoon, Kim Jin Woo, Nam Tae Hyun, Song Min Ho, and Lee Seung Hoon, ‘Winner’ didn’t debut officially, but is rising quickly as a Korean Wave Star as they have gathered about 8,000 fans in their independent event in Japan.

Following, singer John Park claimed 2nd place with 7,915 votes (29.1%). He is being noted for growing out of his ‘dumb’ acting in this year’s Mnet show ‘Enemy of Broadcasting’, as he moved on from an ‘Umchinah’ [Mom’s friend’s son] to a ‘National Dulduley’ [national idiot], and finally showing his innocent and comfortable charms through KBS2’s ‘Cool Kiz on the Block’ and getting expectations through variety shows.

In 3rd place with 1,103 votes (4.1%) actor Lee Jong Suk was voted. Lee Jong Suk started this year with ‘School 2013’ and followed successfully with the drama ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’, movie ‘The Face Reader’ and ‘No Breathing’ as he rose as the best star in 2013.

Other than these three, actor Yeo Jin Gu, group EXO, actor Lee Jeong Suk, Jung Woo, etc followed.

Credits : Naver | Translated by : fy-winner


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