Miho Chan at Hello!Winner Event

Yes, one of our staff members (Miho) did attend the Hello!Winner Event and got to meet WINNER again!!

After much contemplation she finally decided it was more than worth attending the Hello!Winner event to see the boys even though it would cost her 300$.  2 hours before the event and there were more than 500 fans already. J-Aces are the Best!!

Anyhow, Enjoy the fancams and fanpics taken by our beloved Miho :)


MIHO Says : “Seungyoon looked at my placard and pointed about 3 times and then he smiled and nodded saying he understood”. Finally he looked my camera and posed with the winner pose, I mean double peace kkk. He kept the winner pose for about 3 seconds. I think  he misunderstood and thought I was taking pictures but I was actually recording. He is so cute! Oh and he also  sang one part of Go up Japanese ver.”

Credits : pinkxxcorn | pecopecomihochan | @Mihox618

Take away with FULL Credits. Do Not Reupload Fancams or repost pictures!


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