Winner, Revealing Their Passport Pictures For The First Time In A Reality Program.. ‘The Story Of Performing In Japan’

WINNER, the rookie group from YG Entertainment (also known as YG), will be revealing their passport pictures through ‘WINNER TV’.

Through Mnet ‘WINNER TV’ that will air on December 13th, WINNER is going to show the process of practicing for the opening stage of BIGBANG’s Japan 6th Dome Tour and so on. Especially on this day, the members are expected to reveal their passport pictures for the first time so it seems that they will get a huge amount of attention.

In addition, after arriving to Japan for the opening stage of the Dome Tour, the members will be shown playing games such as ‘choosing a roommate’ and there will be intense brain battles going on in order to use the room alone in a hotel. It all happens while they are in a hotel after arriving in Japan.

On October, the survival audition program ‘WIN: Who Is Next’ came to an end after the final victory going to B team. In 50 days after the show is over, the new ‘WINNER TV’ started to be on air in which shows the process of WINNER growing up to be a singer and also their free daily lives and so on. This broadcast is expected to show various things.

Especially, from starting off as an opening stage for their senior group BIGBANG’s Japan 6th Dome Tour to the site of a deeply touching fan meeting with 8000 fans in Japan and so on, WINNER will go through a process of growing up to be a singer before their real debut. Also, the stories when they are not on the stage, such as Japan travel episode, will be realistically shown.

‘WINNER TV’ can be watched again through Naver TV Cast and YG official blog.

Source: Osen via Naver Starcast


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