WINNER featured on Japanese Magazine ‘Kan-Fun (Love Collection)’

Thoughts on influential artists, dating styles, and their first dome tour stage.

Kang Seung Yoon

I think it was when I was in sixth grade back in elementary. By chance, I saw a fan crying shown through the video screen at a Korean singer’s concert. I thought that clip was so wonderful that I got goosebumps and that’s when I thought I wanted to become a singer as well. The me who is always straightforward, nags at the members a lot. I’m a nagging leader. (Laughs)
I’m the type to say my feelings first to the girl I like. I can confidently say that you don’t have to worry about me cheating. And, I’m also the type that is able to give songs as gifts for my girlfriend.
Although I have things to reflect upon from the Seibu Dome’s first stage like my singing or my MC talk, I have no regrets. Seungri sunbae gave us advice about our Japanese greetings!

Kim Jinwoo

There’s so many artists that have influenced me that it’s hard to pick just one. Someday, I want to become like a diamond. When I think about the group WINNER, I want to become a strong-willed person, firm like a diamond, that can get over any kind of situation.
About dating, I think the other person is very important. Since I’m the type that likes to deal with things upfront, I don’t think we’ll have a lot of fights. I think I’ll be able to love only my girlfriend endlessly.
After finishing the Seibu stage, we went to greet the Big Bang seniors… We said, “We’ll make it even more perfect tomorrow!” GD senior then said to us, “Work hard tomorrow too~!”

Nam Taehyun

I don’t remember exactly when it started. I think there were these moments that suddenly made me remember how much I wanted to express through music. Artists that I like include the artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Although he’s not a singer, I admire his views.
If you were to describe me, “Someone who looks strong and will do whatever you say, but actually just a maknae who is warm-hearted.” (Laughs) I’m someone who will never let you get tired of me, not even once and someone who will never let our marriage life get boring. I’m the type to confess first. (t/n : Taehyun means he will never let the “7 year itch” of marriage life come. Basically, he’s saying that his marriage will be always be fun like the “honeymoon period”)
The most difficult and also the happiest moment of my life was when the results were announced on WIN: Who is Next.

Lee Seunghoon

With the influence of my noona who was a fan of idol groups, I first danced on stage back in Grade 5. I couldn’t forget the loud cheers back then that I wanted to stand on stage once again. My goal was GD sunbae! Personally, since I liked his clothes, He was a very influential senior that I wanted to emulate whether it be in fashion or music.
If you were to describe my personality in one word: The character from Slam Dunk, Kang Baek Ho. I work hard every single day while thinking of myself as a genius. (Laughs) For example, if, the person I liked was Japanese, I would study really hard so I can talk to her! Also I would enter her as my #1 speed dial on my cell phone!

Song Minho

Since Grade 4, I fell for hip-hop. So I started to listen to overseas music and of course, Korean music. I think I’m the mood maker in our group.
If I find someone I like, I’m confident that I’ll be able to make her laugh endlessly! Up until now, I’ve always been the one confessing so if there’s a chance, I want to receive a confession!
The day before the Seibu stage I slept with a fluttering heart imagining the scene right in front of our eyes. I was so happy when I saw some fans carrying placards with our individual names or our group’s name. So I thought, “There’s people who are interested in us too~”

Full Translation : WINNER on Japanese Magazine | Translated by Jeni@onewomansubs | Source : Love Collection” #韓男LOVEコレクション | Picture Credits : 5KI2NE8, YGWINNER_A

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