BIGBANG’s Mean Jokes for WINNER – All Very Affectionate

BIGBANG (consisting of members G-DRAGON, DAESUNG, TAEYANG, SEUNGRI and T.O.P) unveiled their special affection for the newbie boy group of the same YG Entertainment, WINNER.

On ‘WINNER TV’ aired through Mnet at 10 p.m. on Dec 20, WINNER was featured performing at the Japan’s Largest 6 Dome Tour of BIGBANG.

After completing the performance on stage, WINNER visited BIGBANG’s waiting room to say hello in person. SEUNGRI asked the five members of WINNER how they felt performing on stage, and KANG SEUNGYOON replied by saying thank you to BIGBANG. The members of WINNER were very modest about their big performance.

G-DRAGON, to this, said jokingly, “Are you acting all modest and grateful because these cameras are filming you?” which was a way of showing affection. He told the five members to have dinner with them, looking after each one of them.

T.O.P added, “But you need to pay for your own meals,” leaving WINNER confused. DAESUNG teasingly added, “One meal is 900 yen, two meals 1800. You have to calculate these things very carefully,” making everyone laugh.

WINNER TV’ is a program that features in the daily lives of the newly born YG boy group WINNER, which was the winning team of YG’s survival audition program ‘WIN: WHO IS NEXT’ aired on Mnet. The program kicked off on Dec 13, and will be aired every Friday for 10 weeks in total.

Credits : YG-LIFE


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