WINNER TV BTS Pictures from Naver Starcast

Surprise gift for those who have been waiting for Starcast. Let’s meet the behind the scenes story with pictures of the members.

[Mino] showing reversal charm with swollen face yet eating gracefully. (breakfast in Episode 1)

[Taehyun & Seungyoon] Flower Beauty ‘Magla’. Resembling someone, the two people’s Twoshot.

[Jinwoo] drinking water in the studio while recording the title song of [WINNER TV].  Is the face covered by the cup or is the cup covering the face…My face Sorry…

[Seunghoon] One morning in Japan. Pleasant smile. Photo by ‘A secret known only by Taehyun’

[WINNER TV] still has a lot of stories to be told. Look forward to more from [WINNER TV] in future. For the first time WINNER is going to talk about everything and so don’t miss the precious talk. [WINNER TV] Friday Nights at 10. Bonbangsasu!

This week’s public sign! Jjajan(t/n: Ta-da)! It’s Jinwoo’s sign. For the sake of the viewer’s of [WINNER TV], it was written slowly and carefully. Look forward to the next member’s sign that will be released!

Translations : Gyello4ever | Source : Naver Starcast

Take away with FULL Credits.


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