‘WINNER TV’ Kang Seungyoon’s Mental Breakdown Due to Nam Taehyun’s Hidden Camera

Kang Seungyoon, the leader of YG Entertainment’s new boy group, WINNER, experienced the hidden camera.

In order to test the members’ loyalty, the show arranged for Nam Taehyun’s solo mission. At 10 PM on the 27th, WINNER TV which broadcasted on Mnet showed the members’ reactions.

Due to Nam Taehyun’s sudden movement, the members expressed their displeasure; however, all the members displayed unwavering loyalty. Kang Seungyoon especially showed his loyalty by lying to the staff members in order to find Taehyun.

On one hand he shows a stiff expression to Taehyun, yet on the other hand, he makes gestures to Nam Taehyun, telling him to hurry up. In order to fool Kang Seungyoon, Taehyun began to cry.

However, Kang Seungyoon immediately found the camera in the Izakaya, leading him to laugh and cry. “So it was a hidden camera!”, and repeatedly saying “What the heck”. In the head, he took a deep breath, showing his relief.

Source: StarNews | Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes


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