Winner “Sometimes I think, how great would it be if we could give ‘joy’, too.”

What kind of colour are you making your debut album into?

MINO: Our team’s advantage is being able to keep our own individual colours while giving it a synergy effect. Since it hasn’t been decided yet, I can’t say it’s exactly “this”as of right now. However, I’m hip-hop, Seungyoon’s rock, Taehyun’s retro, and so on. The members also listen to diverse music without being picky. Seeing as how all the five members have different colours, it’s great because we can all learn about different types of music. Starting now, I think we have to go and create WINNER’s own colour.

Officially, you are all still pre-debut but your popularity is amazing. A moment you realized your popularity?

JINWOO: Maybe it’s because we’re doing a reality program right now but there’s a lot of people that have been recognizing us. When we were shopping in Osaka, the fans crowded around and it felt like we were bombed. There’s also a lot of people who recognize us on the street corner from our dorm on our way to the practice centre. Every time that happened, because we were thrilled, we would talk amongst ourselves and say, “We must’ve become famous!”.

SEUNGHOON: Honestly, it’s all thanks to our fans’ votes even before the team was made. I’m always keeping a thankful heart to them and I want to get to know more about our fans.

TAEHYUN: Our fans are the “Goddesses of Victory” that made us. We don’t have a fan club name yet so what about the name of the Goddess of Victory, “Nikē”. (Laughs)

Thoughts about appearing in a reality program.

SEUNGYOON: I’m more natural in WINNER TV because I’ve experienced it once in ‘WIN’. As rookies, being natural in front of a camera will become a great help in our work and activities. Thanks to the camera, I’m very careful in each and every one of my actions. Although we’ve practiced together for a year and a half, we only went to the practice room or the dorms every single day. Thanks to the missions given on ‘WINNER TV’, it’s nice that we can go to the amusement park and make memories with our members.

A part of the members have participated and gotten their faces known through Superstar K, KPOP Star, and etc. Then, you had to pass through another training period for 3 years. Any difficult moments?

SEUNGYOON: I practiced because I wasn’t satisfied of myself. After being on fancy shows and then going back to practice in the basement, of course since I’m a person, I also felt sad at times. However, I believe that those times made me who I am now.

SEUNGHOON: To be honest, I liked it when I became a trainee after participating on KPOP STAR. I was able to learn through classes and seeing development thrilled me. After around a year was when the tough times came. At one point, I was worried if this was the right path for me. Just in time, I recovered my composure through the program ‘WIN’.

If there was a stage you dreamed of?

MINO: Right now, we sing two songs on the BIG BANG Japan Dome Tour stage. Even so, I want to stand on that stage, on that same spot, with our own name. You have to dream big, right… (Laughs).

SEUNGYOON: When we practice, my joys of the week are the weekend variety programs. I watch Infinity Challenge, Running Man, 1 Night 2 Days, We Got Married, etc. Sometimes I think, how great would it be if we could give “joy”, too.

Compared to other groups, what is a charm that WINNER has?

SEUNGHOON: We are men like bone soup that gets more delicious as it’s boiled. There’s so many things we can show. Not just songs, we are confident in showing anything that the members are interested in, like acting, performance, drawing, photos, etc.

TAEHYUN: Our team makes our own songs. We each make our own team songs, solo songs, etc. We’re a “self group” that gives feedback to each other. I think a day will come where these things will give light.

It is ***“The Year of the Blue Horse”, WINNER’s hopes?

JINWOO: I want to quickly stand on stage. I think this year will become a step by step process with the goal of a great stage.

SEUNGHOON: With our job as singers, it’s the first time we can earn money and finally fulfill the duty to our parents that we couldn’t before. I want to throw a feast for the people around me and for myself too. (Laughs)

***감오년: Gab Oh Nyeon “The Year of the Blue Horse”
2014 is the year of the Blue Horse.
It only comes around every 60 years and South Koreans are marking this special year by holding various exhibitions around the country.
Fortune tellers say the spirit of the Blue Horse is energetic, vibrant, and bright, symbolizing good luck to people.

Source: Naver via YG United
Translation: @onewomansubs


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