WINNER on Japanese Magazine WINK UP

WINNER: ”Hello to the all readers of WINK UP (magazine name). We are WINNER!”

Mino: ”Our debut was decided on TV program “WIN: Who is next,” YG entertainment’s survival project, on air in South Korea.”

Taehyun: ”In WIN, 11 trainees were grouped to 2 teams, and had battles for debut. The process to win in the end was really… hard!!”

Jinwoo: ”Yeah, it was. We released “Go Up” as digital source on Oct 28, 2013! Seungyoon took the lead to make that song.”

Seungyoon: “In the battle period on WIN, CEO told us to change our self-composed song, so we needed to change suddenly. Then I composed music based on the desire to win without any conditions, rather than by the pressure we had to make completely new song in short time. It was decided that we would introduce that song on the self-compose song stage of Final battle. So I made arrangements with desperation to introduce awesome song to everyone.”

Hoon: ”The main melody which Seungyoon made is so nice, so we could complete that song soon!”

Mino: “Now, we’re performing as the opening act for BIGBANG’s tour. We sing “Go Up” there. I wanna have concerts by ourselves in Japan next time!”

Seunghoon: “Yeah. By the way, shall we talk about each other because this is our first time to be on this magazine?”

Jinwoo: ”Good!”

Hoon: ”Okay, I’ll talk first! Even though Mino is allergic to dogs, he often touches dogs! Then allergic reactions is caused, but he still touches, like he has never had allergy! (laughs) And Seungyoon can do everything well but he is not a morning person! While he is sleeping, he will not notice anything (laughs)”

Taehyun: “Jinwoo’s character looks a calm person, but actually he paces a lot! (laughs)”

Mino: “When I point out Seunghoon’s mistakes on the stage, he becomes flustered and says “Stop~~~~~~~!” (laughs)”

Jinwoo: ”Taehyun did not open his mind at first. But as I got to know him better, I found that he is attentive and has a warm hart. Even though I am the oldest in group, I need to learn a lot from him. “

Seungyoon: “Jinwoo is hardworking. His dancing and singing have been growing up day by day. And the growth is really great!!”

Jinwoo: ”Thank you! I will do my best in future! (laughs). Lets send messages to readers in the end!”

Hoon: ”Then I’ll go first. We will show you much cooler performances, so please remember us!”

Mino: ”Please come to see us!”

Seungyoon:  ”Like BIGBANG and 2NE1, we want to be a group loved by men and women of all ages!”

Jinwoo: ”We will do our best not to be beaten by our name WINNER!”

Taehyun: ”We wanna be a group that make wonderful music!!”

WINNER: ”Please support us, WINNER!! Please remember us again!!”

Credits : @5KI2NE8(source) |@x_i_k_u_x(tranlations) @YGWINNER_A | @bb_still_luv | @ksyupdates

Take away with FULL Credits.



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