CEO Yang Hyun Suk Vows To Be Up Early Every Morning In 2014 To Keep His Record Label On Top

YG Entertainment founder and chief executive officer Yang Hyun Suk used to sleep all day, relegating his work day to the nighttime hours.

But lately he’s been forced to abandon the habit, in his relentless quest to keep his label at the top of the K-pop industry.

In an interview earlier this week with the Korean media outlet OSEN, Yang revealed his new outlook on his productivity in the coming year.

“I’m going to work even harder in 2014. I go to work with the attitude that every day is a Monday.” he said.

“These days, I go to work early in the morning and come back home late at night. It was hard at first because for a long time, I used to get up late in the afternoon, work all night, and then go to sleep in the morning. But I’ve made the decision to change my lifestyle so that YG could make it to the next level.”

Yang’s recent efforts appear to have gotten results.

In addition to having K-pop’s two most recognizable international stars, G-Dragon and Psy, on his record label’s roster, Yang’s recent foray into reality television, “WIN: Who Is Next?” was a hit, producing the chart topping new group WINNER.

But YG Entertainment’s focus, the CEO maintained, has always been on live performance.

“Since the beginning of YG Entertainment, the number one priority has been the stage,” Yang said.

“Singers have to give the audience the greatest and the most fabulous performance. This is one of the reasons why [YG group] Big Bang’s recent world tour was a success.”

But the label boss also lashed out at some overseas promoters who he feels are damaging the integrity of the genre with poorly organized concert bills.

“The Korean Wave or the popularity of K-pop will not last long if the overseas performances of K-pop are a meaningless jumble of various groups and artists, which is very often the case right now,” he said.

“This is also why we often refuse to appear in music shows on television that do not provide a high-quality stage for YG performers.”

WINNER wraps up their successful stint opening for G-Dragon’s group Big Bang during the sold out six-dome tour of Japan at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome on Monday.

Credits :  kpopstarz


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