‘2014 biggest new groups’ WINNER VS. GOT7, what are their charming points?

The two breathtaking hottest new group, WINNER (Song MinHo, Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon, Kim JinWoo and Nam TaeHyun) and Got7 (JB , Mark, Jackson, Yoo-gyum, Jr., Bam Bam, Young-Jae) started working on their official debut.

The competition between YG Entertainment (“YG”) and JYP Entertainment (“JYP”) might also be viewed as a face to face match of ‘Midas touch’ Yang Hyun-Seok’ and Park Jin-Young.

After WINNER won in the YG survival program Mnet ‘WIN ; Who Is Next ‘ , which has ended last October, WINNER has been meeting their fans through ‘WINNER TV’ putting their daily life from the same broadcaster. The members of WINNER have already been well known, having huge fandom. The official debut is announced to be the end of the next month.

However, Got7, which has secretly been prepared for their first album and opened their new faces on 8th of January, is now ready to take the music industry. Got7 planned to disclose their official debut song on the 20th and begin with activities.

The similar points of these two groups, WINNER and Got7, are they are making official debut in the same year and they are ambitiously made groups from the two leading entertainments. Due to this, the competitive composition is created, and it is expected to see which group will be successful.

It is possible to look WINNER and Got7 as rivals as both are getting lots of attention, but the more important thing is that they are super-rookies debuting. Also, it is known that each will develop its own strength to hit the music market.

Therefore, the attention goes to the fact that both groups will have their own specific scope.

Another thing is that both of them are good looking. WINNER, which consists of already disclosed members and working busy after ‘WIN’, are giving off their outward charms through ‘WINNER TV’. Song MinHo and Lee SeungHoon of ‘Manly (sang-namja: it’s like his appearance and personality are really manly) style’, prince style Kim Jinwoo, cutie style Nam TaeHyun and Kang SeungYoon are all being loved with their own styles.

Same thing is happening to Got7. We cannot actually estimate their appearance now as we only got their teaser, but the picture of Got7 reveals their pretty nice appearances. The leader JB and YoungJae shows their charisma while Jr. and Yoo-Gyum shows their fine looks. Jack who used to be an athlete has strength. Mark has pretty face, and BamBam has cute looking.

As even the visual part of WINNER and Got7 are extraordinary, their talents will boost up their charms.

WINNER’s talent of composition and performance having Kang SeungYoon who has already debuted before has already verified in ‘WIN’. Thus the quality of their debut album is expected to be high.

On the other hand, Got7 whose performance has not been disclosed yet has ability to perform ‘martial arts’. They will perform unique show with exotic martial arts matching with YG trainee, including WINNER members, in the program ‘WIN’.
Now it is said that the two groups, WINNER and Got7 with great appearance and talent, are already getting ‘love call’ internationally. WINNER has been getting publicity by performing for the opening of YG senior group BIG BANG’s Japan six dome tour, and realized their popularity from their first official fan meeting held in Osaka last November.

Got7 consists of Taiwanese-American, Thai and a Chinese from Hong Kong and plans to target international market later.

As YG and JYP are the leading three domestic entertainment companies including SM entertainment, WINNER and Got7 are also called ‘rivals of EXO’ and the whole Asia are paying attention to how they would change the music market.

Source: Naver | Translations by : xxheejooxx of WLSY


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