Kang Seung Yoon ‘I’ll Write You a Letter’ M/V

The song you’re listening to is a song written by Seungyoon to his mom, which he performed and released during his Superstar K2 days. You can hear him repeat ‘미안해요’ (I’m sorry) and ‘사랑해요’ (I love you) throughout the song.

His parents divorced when Seungyoon was young, leaving Seungyoon’s mother to raise him all by herself. Although Seungyoon was a bright child, he somehow got involved with the wrong crowd at school. Inevitably, he had many downfall’s  with them and was met with betrayal time and time again. It was all too much for him, so he stopped attending school. He didn’t go to school for months.

His mom, the one figure in his life who had never betrayed him, persuaded him to change.

Seungyoon took the college entrance exam and passed with flying colors. He learned how to play billiards and went on to play in the National Sports Festival and won. He became Busan’s representative.

He also learned how to play guitar. He competed in Superstar K2 and although he was faced with doubt from others, he managed to place fourth on the program. After that, he became a YG trainee and later, a YG artist. In his solo singing career, he has had a single peak at #1 (“It Rains”) and he has also achieved an all kill (“Instinctively”).

Although he was already a debuted solo artist, he never once took his team in YG for granted. He worked hard for months alongside his members, who were now the friends who accepted his unusual and goofy character and who were also the friends who held his hand battle after battle. Eventually becoming leader, he led his team to victory.

The lonely boy, who had lost sight of the future and shut himself off from the world, eventually came to be a son that his mother could truly be proud of. It was because of his mother’s unwavering faith and persistence that Seungyoon changed from a lonely, lost boy to the determined and successful man that he is today.

It is for his mother that this song is written.

(This beautifully written text was found in tumblr.If you wrote it, tell us and we will properly credit you. Also thank you.)

Translations : onewomansubs | Text : ygfamily.winner from tumblr Music : Superstar K Album | Fanmade M/V : Ksyupdates


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