WINNER get their fortunes told, hang out with Big Bang, and more on ‘WINNER TV’

TGIF! It’s time to catch up with WINNER who are once again letting us get to know them, and in the process, getting to know each other better as they get their fortunes told and more on ‘WINNER TV’!

In celebration of the new year, the boys met up with a fortune teller and were advised on their personal fortunes as well as their compatibility with one another and fellow YG family members.

 Regarding their personal fortunes, the fortune teller commented:

 MINO: “Upon looking at MINO, the chances of him getting into problems with women are high”, to which the other members pleaded with him, “Please be careful.” The fortune teller continued, “Simply put, he can’t stay with one woman. You are the type of guy to cause a woman a lot of inner turmoil. You have a strong desire for women and are somewhat aggressive. One can also say that you are the type to easily give women a lot of pain. But what’s funny is that there is a high chance that the soulmate that MINO will eventually meet will be an older woman.”

 Jinwoo: “Jinwoo’s nature is easygoing, kind, and very affectionate. When you work, you really get into it and make it a big thing, but you’re not good at wrapping it up and finishing it well. You do this and that enthusiastically but you can’t finish it well and it doesn’t lead to any results.” Hearing this, all the members started to nod and say that they can see what the fortuneteller is saying as when Jinwoo gets into something, he goes all out at first. They mentioned the example of him getting into clothes and cutting them apart to reform, only to have them not turn out well. “Among the five members, the person who will take the longest time to meet a woman is Jinwoo. But your fortune for 2014 is a fortune with which you will receive strength.” Jinwoo asked, “Does that mean a woman will come to me?” The fortuneteller commented, “No, a woman will not come to you [this year]… You have a lot of luck overseas, especially in Japan and China.”

 Lee Seung Hoon: “Although you have a good-natured and reasonable side and look clear-minded, you have a lot of greed. And you have a lot of wants in terms of money and have a strong ability to maintain your livelihood. Seung Hoon is the style to take care of even the smallest change (money) so it’s good for him to take care of the finances among the five members… but don’t give him too much money… Also, like MINO, you are also into women. But you have a strong point. You look [fondly] at a woman like she is a child so you try to do a lot for her. Although you have a tendency to be devoted to and take care of a woman well, the quality in which you do it is somewhat lacking.”

 Nam Tae Hyun: “Nam Tae Hyun has a strong sense of inner pride and a lot of thoughts. Useless delusions; wild imagination. If I were to say it in a good way, it means you’re very creative. You’re very creative but you worry a lot so you are someone who has a lot of complicated thoughts in your head. You are somewhat of a manly man style. Also, you are really bad at treating women well. But you have good fortune with money and your future wife, so a good woman will come to you. But you won’t treat her very well. In the case of Nam Tae Hyun, you can’t stand it when someone tries to control or restrain you. And even if you were already planning to do something, if someone else tells you to do it, you no longer want to do it anymore.” Kang Seung Yoon asked, “So among us, there is no one who can control Nam Tae Hyun?” The fortune teller replied, “Among the five members… the person that can control Nam Tae Hyun… doesn’t exist,” bringing explosive laughs.

 Kang Seung Yoon: “You are a person with a lot of affection but you have a lot of ups and downs in your emotions. And you are really good at analyzing things and you can bring about results. However, if there is something that may be lacking, that is sociability. It’s not saying that you know nothing but yourself, but rather that your interest isn’t directed towards outside.Your interest is towards you.” Lee Seung Hoon agreed, “He loves himself so much.” However, the fortune teller cracked up everyone as he responded, “The person who loves himself the most is Nam Tae Hyun.”

 The members were also diagnosed on their compatibility with one another. The fortune teller told MINO that although his personality is the brightest and the most expressive, his energy is subdued by the members Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon, and especially by Nam Tae Hyun. So the source MINO can seek refuge with is Jinwoo. Upon hearing this, MINO embraced Jinwoo, making everyone laugh.

 It then moved onto the compatibility of WINNER and fellow YG family members. MINO was advised to stay close to Dara and stay away from Yang Hyun Suk. The reasoning for this was that Yang Hyun Suk would not forgive MINO even once if he were to get into a scandal with a girl. Jinwoo was told that he’d be inseparable with Minzy and G-Dragon, while Lee Seung Hoon was told he had great compatibility with Seungri. However his closeness with Seungri will be challenged by Nam Tae Hyun, and a bromance-triangle(?) will occur with Seungri in the middle. Although no one in WINNER can control Nam Tae Hyun, the fortune teller revealed that there is one YG artist who can, and it’s none other than Psy. He was also told that he may also be able to get along with T.O.P as they do share some similarities. As for Kang Seung Yoon, he was told he has a lot of luck as he would become inseparable with Taeyang and Psy.

 You can also watch Jinwoo trying to get close with G-Dragon backstage at Big Bang’s Japanese dome tour as well as reuniting with his possible first love and more in his hometown of Imjado in the fifth episode above!

 On a side note, happy birthday to Lee Seung Hoon who celebrates his birthday today in Korea (Jan 11)!

Source: Allkpop


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