‘WINNER TV’ Song Minho, is actually bad man? “Worry a Woman..”

YG entertainment rookie group WINNER member Song Minho received a response that he is a ‘bad man’ according to the phrenology.

On the cable channel Mnet ‘WINNER TV’ that as aired on 10th afternoon, WINNER member’s year 2014’s fortune and phrenology was announced.

Especially Song Minho’s phrenology and the New Year’s fortune attracted the attention. The diviner said “Song Minho face tells that he can’t stay with one woman, He is energetic and will worry a woman.” Also “the possibility that he will meet someone older is high and females will keep coming to him in year 2014”. Song Minho was embarrassed and other members laughed out loud.

Song Minho was also told that he does not go well with the YG entertainment president Yang HyunSuk, which was a blot from the blue. The diviner made Song Minho more embarrassed by saying “If there is a scandal about girls, Yang president will not forgive you”.

Kim Jinwoo’s fortune was “He spreads his work which never ends, however in year 2014, overseas fortune is good especially in Japan and China”. Lee Seunghoon’s fortune was “His desire about money is high and he is devoted husband style with high vitality. Nam Taehyun’s fortune was “He doesn’t do well to the females however, he is blessed with a good wife”. Kang Seungyoon’s fortune was “He has lots of affection however, his feelings are up and down and he is devoted husband with quality”.

Yang HyunSuk announced that “work the hardest in year 2014” and as WINNER is debuting this year, it is expected to have extremely good luck. The diviner said “president Yang HyunSuk’s fortune is good from 2014 to 2017. It is good for 4 years. It is a fortune that can have both wealth and honor. Also when he age 57 and 58, there will be another chance of take off to another stage”. Also about the WINNER he said “year 2014 is the lucky year. You may expect”.

 (note:  phrenology is the detailed study of the shape and size of the cranium as a supposed indication of character and mental abilities)

Credits: Naver


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