WINNER’s Interview and Spread on Japanese Magazine YouPaper

(t/n: Disclaimer!! I don’t know Japanese. I’ve used a translator to translate. Hopefully it makes sense and doesn’t misinterpret the original content. )

What are your impressions of the tour?

LSH : At first, I was tensed, but later I started enjoying the stage
little by little.I look forward to the performance in the weekend
even while practicing in Korea.I think our skills might increase.
KSY : I’m impressed every time because the audience(fans)
scream with joy as loudly as I do on stage.I fall into the moment
SMH : I was tensed at the first too but after a couple of stages I
was able to enjoy. I fell in love with performing on stage.
NTH : I’m trying to study Japanese more and want to be able to
communicate with the Japanese fans because the ment’s must
be in Japanese.
KJW : For the Seibu Dome performance I was nervous and
frustrated because I was beginning to have more confidence but slowly I was able to enjoy the stage.

Were there any incidents?

NTH : Seung Yoon(hyung) loses his accessories one by one on stage every time.
KSY : I lost one ring and two earrings.It was expensive..very expensive…

How do you feel about standing on a big stage before debut?

KJW : It’s an honor that we’re able to stand on such a big stage before debut.It is a valuable experience in our life and we’re very grateful.We’re the opening act this time, but I want to do my best to be able to stand here someday as “WINNER”.

 How different are the reactions of the fans(audience) in each place ?

NTH : Korean music is most popular in Osaka. Today, Nagoya
was very lively.

Did you eat anything delicious?

SMH : Kobegyu
NTH : Takoyaki, Motsunabe
SMH: Tonkotsu Ramen

The Ments this time are in Japanese,is it difficult?

KSY : Compared to Korean it is difficult but I am doing my best
in studying.
NTH : All languages are difficult.
SMH : But it is interesting. “Mino~Minosan~!”(imitates fan’s high
pitched voices)
LSH : Japanese and Korean are similar in grammar and there are
a lot of words that have the same pronounciation. Such things
are very interesting.

Korean artists say they find Japanese girl’s ingratiating nasal voice very pretty…

SMH : “Mino~!” Kawaii(cute)
NTH : Taehyun~!

 Are Japanese fans different from a Korean fans?

SMH : They way they say Oppa! Oppa! Oppa! is different.

How long do you study Japanese?

LSH : We study for about 2 hours everyday.

How do you study?

KSY : By talking with the teacher.
LSH : Along with the language we learn the culture as well.

Which member is the best at Japanese?

LSH : Leader…
KSY : I’m the best.
KJW : We’re of the same level.

Your favorite Japanese Phrase?

SMH: Arigatougoaaimas(Thank you)

Your pronunciation is very clear!

SMH : Arigatogosaimas!
LSH : Nice.
KSY : I can say Aisareru artiste ni naritai(I want to become a
loved artist)”
NTH : Daisuki. I like Daisuki!

What are each one you in charge of?

KSY : I’m in charge of being sexy and Jinwoo(hyung) is in charge
of being cute.
KJW : *does aegyo*
WINNER : Wooo~~
NTH : i’m in charge of being sexy,cool,cute and….everything!

The Japanese word you learnt recently?

LSH :“Omotenashi(Japanese hospitality culture)
SMH: Moriagattekudasai(Please enjoy)
KSY : Rashii!
SMH : Akemasite omedeto gozaimasu(Happy new year)
NTH : Wanpaku(naughty) Can you understand? a…….!(throws tantrum and smiles embarrassed)
KJW : Kyokan(sympathy)

 Many fans came for the first event(fanmeeting) in Osaka.

KSY : There were more people than what we expected. many
people came than we expected. We’re very thankful. We couldn’t
imagine we are loved so much in Japan.I want to do my best
from now on without forgetting this feeling.
NTH : People from all age groups, from parents to children came.
It was interesting.
LSH : I was able to only say “Arigatogozaimasu” “Daisuki” and
“Owari”,I will work hard on my Japanese.I want to speak Japanese and reach out to everyone.

What is your impression of Japanese fans?

KJW : Hyper(t/n: in a good way)
NTH : Orderly
KSY : Polite and kind. Have good manners.
LSH : They have cute voices!

Did you get any advice from the BIGBANG members ?

KSY : Seungri(hyung) said “You(WINNER) start the concert, you need to ad-lib(improvise) and heat it up”

How about from Youngbae(Taeyang)?

LSH : “Enjoy the stage” I understand what he means when I see him on stage but it’s very difficult.

What is WINNER’s charm?

KSY : We have many colors. We are five people with various
talents gathered together as one and give the audience strength.
/LSH : We will perform music of various genres as we have
different yet distinct voices.You can see it even before debut.(?)/
SMH : We are earnest on stage but off stage we are mischevious
and cheerful.
NTH : Our member’s are tall!

Who is the tallest?

LSH : Me. I’m 182 centimeters tall.
NTH : Since all of us are tall we can move around and cover the entire stage, so everyone can see our performance clearly. That is our charm.
KJW : I am the oldest and he is the youngest but our charm is that we get along well regardless of age.
LSH : Jinwoo is the oldest but he is cutest and Taehyun is the youngest but he is the most reliable. Mino is in charge of powerful rap but he’s very cute, it’s funny.

What do you want to do in Japan?

LSH : I want to do a small solo stage and later a dome performance.
KSY : I want to appear in talk shows and variety programs.

For example?

NTH : I like romantic Japanese dramas and movies.I want to be in one.
KJW : I want to meet Kimura Takuya.
LSH : I want to appear in a drama like Seungri(hyung)’s.(Yubikoi Kimi Mi Okuru)

Are there any places you would like when you have the time?

SMH : Fujikyu Highland.
KSY : I want to get on a scary ride and go to the haunted house.
NTH : I want to ride the Takabisha. (in Fujikyu Highland)
LSH : I want to go to Nagasaki. I’m interested in traditional
places.I want to go to a store that sells something only in the
mornings and shuts down once the stock for that day is over.I
like food.
KSY : I want to go to places that are shown in Japanese dramas.
NTH : i want to go to the station that comes in the drama “5
centimeters per second”.
KJW : I want to see fireworks.

Do you listen to Japanese music?

NTH : I like X-JAPAN.
LSH : My sister likes J-Pop so I listen to SMAP and ARASHI.
SMH : I like HipHop.I listen to TERI-YAKI BOYZ.
NTH : And I also like Nakashima Mika.

What kind of music do you want to do in future?

/LSH : I think our music should be a little different from BIGBANG. Music similar to the music that comes from our company(?)/
KSY : I want all the people listening to our music to become WINNER’s. I want to make such music.
SMH : I want the same as him(KSY). Since we are rookies we will release various kinds of music, of different colors and see the listener’s reactions.Please look forward to it.
NTH : I want to make music that everyone will like, music that will be loved by everyone.I will do my best along with the members and debut soon.

What are your future aims?

LSH : Debut!
KSY : I want us to become a WINNER that the world loves. I aim to
become an artist with synergy.
SMH : This time we are the opening act for BIGBANG but I want
us to become a group that can perform here.
NTH : I want to be a group that enjoys their music. Even when we
leave in future I want us to remain as a winning group in
everyone’s memories.
KJW : Because our group’s name is WINNER = WIN, I want to live up to that name.

Message for Japanese fans

LSH : We are working hard on our Japanese and we want to
release original music like BIGBANG and be active worldwide.
Please support us.
KSY : I want to debut with good music and work hard on
Japanese activities. I will work so hard in Japan that I will be
mistaken as a Japanese artist. Please watch me.
SMH : My love and interest increases each time I come to Japan.
I’m impressed every time.After debuting,I want to show my
gratitude for the amazing support through our music and
stages.Thank you for putting up with me.
NTH : I want to entertain not only with songs and performances but with lots of charm as well. I hope you will look forward to it.
KJW : I want us to release a lot of albums and show our fans how
much we have grown up. Please be with us.

Magazine Scans : 

Behind The Scenes : 

Translated by : Gyello4ever | Picture Credits  : FSY@ksyupdates

Take away with FULL Credits 

(Have to mention @NamsongCouple and their translation which helped several times when things didn’t make sense! Thank you.)


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