Winner’s Introduction-Ment at Kyocera Dome Day 2


Hello everyone.I’m Seungyoon, Leader of Winner. I’ve come back to Osaka. I’m very glad to meet you all again(in Osaka accent). We will show you our  vocals force and the force of winner’s music.Please wait and look forward to it.

Mino :
Hello everyone. I’m the full of power Mino! Do you watch our documentary, WinnerTV? We had a shooting in Osaka. You can watch it in Japanese through Youtube. Our conversation is fun! Please check it!

Taehyun :
Hello.I’m Taehyun.I’ve been to Osaka twice. In our event in Osaka and this tour, I’m very grateful to your support. I love~ you Osaka(in Osaka accent)

Jinwoo :
I’m Jinwoo. I shall work hard on my Japanese.I want to make friends with you in Japan more and more.

Seunghoon :
Nice to meet you,I’m Seunghoon and I’m in charge of rap and choreography. My dream came true in this dome our, thanks to everyone. In the future, I’ll try towards for the bigger dream.

Credits: nyamt510 | Namsongcouple | TaehyunUpdates


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