Yang Hyun Suk Says “I’m Anxious” to YG’s Rookies WINNER… why?

YG Entertainment’s head producer Yang Hyun Suk said “I’m anxious” to YG’s new boy group WINNER, which is making people curious about the reason.

 In the preview of “WINNER TV”’s episode six that was disclosed on the 14 on YG’s official blog and NAVER’s TV CAST, WINNER was talking face-to-face with Yang Hyun Suk.

 Yang Hyun Suk made WINNER members strained, by saying “Do I have to go on the record or off the record?” Plus, he looked a little upset, saying “I’m anxious. Even BIGBANG doesn’t do that” in a serious look. He made viewers curious about the reason.

 On contrary, SEUNGRI’s witty voice imitation and G-DRAGON’s jokes in front of WINNER were disclosed, too, suggesting lots of spectacles for the new episode.

 Meanwhile, WINNER has been building stage experiences by performing on the opening stage of BIGBANG’s Japan six dome tour. As the dome tour ends on the 13 at Osaka Kyocera Dome, WINNER now begins preparations for official debut in earnest.

 “WINNER TV” is aired on every Friday at 10pm on cable channel Mnet and search engine NAVER’s TV CAST.

Credits : YG-Life


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