Yang Hyun Suk on WINNER TV, WINNER Debut Album End of Feb “Holds Promising Future”

YG Entertainment’s founder YANG HYUN SUK announced the plan for the newbie group WINNER.

On WINNER TV aired by a cable channel Mnet on Jan 17, YANG commented, “I am super nervous at the moment.”

 He added, “It feels like I haven’t worked this hard for a long time on one album,” and, “I am carefully planning their album. We aim to produce one at the end of February, when WINNER TV ends, and many other YG producers are devoting 100% of their energy on this project.”

 “We wanted to maximize WINNER’s talents as song writers, so there is a slight delay in the process, but we want to make an album that holds a promising future,” he continued.

 WINNER TV is a third in its YG-designed TV series that produces the next big star, following Mnet’s BIGBANG TV and 2NE1 TV, all of which changed the paradigm of TV broadcasting.

Credits : YG-Life


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