WINNER Interview and Scans on Japanese Magazine ‘Barfout’

The members of WINNER are chatting in Japanese. We look back
at some issues, dramas and Japan.

While they are blessed with both anxiety and hope as they make
their entrance into this glamorous world, they try to maintain
their composure and try not to be misled by the heat of the
moment. But if they are not joyful and playful as boys should
be, it would be going against their nature.

KJW : It seems a little strange to be standing in a place like this,
but it feels so good! I’m really surprised. I feel like I am able to
grow simply because of the fans and I am grateful every time I
stand on stage.

SMH : I think I will never forget this moment. It was amazing to
stand on the stage of a dome tour before debuting. I want to
work hard and I dream of a dome concert in Winner’s future.

Q :What have you learned from the tour?

NTH : When GD(hyung)removed his sunglasses on stage, everyone
cheered loudly. I learned that a small gesture and a little timing
can become very cool. It was very natural. We gained a lot of
experience and I want such talent.

LSH: I’m originally a big fan of Big Bang!I have always enjoyed
the concert as their audience, singing and dancing along with
them. While watching them I think about how I can become as
cool as them.

Q: What caught you attention during the tour

LSH : When on stage, just because the camera focuses on you, it doesn’t mean you’re doing well. Big actions don’t make us better. You can be quite and do well. I learnt that (from the tour). I take notes from our Senior’s (Big Bang) performances.

Q :What were your thoughts and feelings when your debut was decided?

LSH: It was something that cannot be described by words.There
were mixed feelings and various emotions. My tears did not
stop. I felt sorry for Team B as we had been working hard
together. There was also a strong urge to sing to the world,our
songs.It was a moment to remember.

Q: How did you make Go Up?

KSY : Originally, the song we were going to use was called ‘Today’
but our President(YG) did not like that song. So, we decided that
we to sing ‘Go Up’ instead. It’s about the 11 of us going up 
together ,as the winner had not been decided yet. I filled the 
song with meaning and the hope that none of us were losing.

Q: Besides you(KSY), who else composes?

NTH : I work on songs till my head hurts. A love song reaching out
for someone dear; I want our music to have an honest feeling so
that when we record it will be closer to the true sense of the
song. There are a lot of songs that I did not complete as my
heart had changed.

Q: What are your aims as future artists?

KJW : Each of us have a strong talent(our area of expertise). For 
example, Seunghoon’s is dance, Mino’s is beat box. I want to 
reveal myself, the real me to the fans little by little. I want to be 
more interesting and polish my character as an individual.

LSH : I want to be someone who is popular among everyone.
Music is nice when it comes naturally. I would also like to
pay attention to lifestyle, like how plain clothes can become
fashionable and get everyone’s attention, if I went to a party

SMH : I’m sad because my turn(to speak) is last and my members
have said it all. We have not debuted yet but we want to grow
and become a national artist and also as a group representing
Korea. It’s not a joke. I really want to make WINNER known to the
whole world.(thumbs up). I will do my best!

(Translations are not 100% accurate!)

Translated by Kanaho & Edited by Baldeep & Grace @ksyupdates
Take away with FULL Credits!!


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