Kang Seung Yoon 21st Birthday Moments

‘Twas a wonderful day, thanks to all of you. We had to control our urge to tweet Aces Jjang over and over because that is how awesome you guys were and are. Let’s go through the  moments one by one.

The #WINNERSeungYoonDay hashtag was on the World Wide Trends list for about 1.5 hours and was No.1 for a total of approximately 45-50 minutes! As shown in the picture, you can see that just after 15 minutes past 12 AM KST, our tag was where it belongs. Once again, we have to thank all of you for actively participating in the poll as well as in trending #WINNERSeungYoonDay to wish Seung Yoon a happy birthday!

Also we also have to thank all the fanbases of Seung Yoon and WINNER both Korean and International for being so kind, but I have to say we didn’t expect any less from you guys. We have received comments like this “Seung Yoon’s fans are really sweet and I find them very cute”. True That! (●^o^●)

Credits : @annicacchi

Next are the many Birthday posters and Fan art you guys made. We tweeted  and re-blogged some of them but here are a few. We can’t put up all of it, so if yours is not here, doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. Check our tumblr for more re-blogs of wonderful Fan art and Posters.

Credits : ON YEAH

Credits : 5ki2ne

Credits : @damdam2da

Credits : vita-dolce-vip

Credits : Ria @i_u_chan for FSY

Credits : @Winnamu

Oh and not to forget the Fan Made Videos!

By 940510vn

By Hà Trương

And Dulce W even made a Reminder for #WINNERSeungYoonDay!!

Vietnamese and Filipino fans got together and celebrated Seung Yoon’s Birthday. Just by looking at the pictures and videos you can tell they had a blast.  [Psshh we’re not jealous……..Who are we kidding?  We are!!] 

Click Here to see more pictures : Vietnam | Philippines

Also fans from all around the world seem to have sent tonnes of presents to Seung Yoon. A preview of some of the presents for Seung Yoon from Korean Aces!

Credits : DCKSY

We did a little something too. I don’t know if its too early to say it’s a success but anyhow thank you for participating in our first project “FSY Project #1 : 21st Birthday”

Part 1

Progress Report : We have received 8 letters until now. The project closes on the 31st of January. Hopefully we will receive all the letters/postcards/gifts by then. Also HJ unnie has started working on the letter book!

Part 2

Seung Yoon’s Message to fans!


“I really really appreciate all of you saying happy birthday on my 21st birthday on the 21st~^^ I’m going to make it up to you by showing you all of what I have got as an artist!!

To conclude, ’twas a wonderful day. Thank you aces for making it so.This was the first birthday of Seung Yoon we celebrated as Aces and we hope to celebrate many  more with both Seung Yoon and you guys <3. We hope Seung Yoon had a wonderful day celebrating his 21st birthday too. 영원히 승윤 <3

Lastly ,thanks to the FSY family members: Dekwa, Hyunjung, Baldeep,Miho, Jaebi, Kanaho, Chichan, Seungkang and Grace for working hard for FSY. Hwaiting! ^_^

Credits to rightful owners of Pictures and Videos.


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