WINNER captivates audience with Clumsy-Serious charms

YG Entertainment’s newbie group WINNER captivates the audience with their clumsy but serious charms.

 Episode 7 of WINNER TV aired at 10 pm on Jan 24 through Mnet and Naver TV Cast featured the 1st winter sports competition and horror session deceived as a new year’s interview. The 50-minute episode also showed their version of 2NE1’s ‘Missing You’ and the preview of the drama ‘The Heirs’ parody.

 A total of 3 events were held for the sports competition, including running in the snow field, roll-of-the-dice sleigh race and snow sumo. The audience was able to forget the brutal coldness as members fired up for the competition. The horror session deceived as the new year interview freaked the grown-up members out, making the audience laugh.

 The two features were enough to show unrevealed sides of WINNER. KIM JINWOO cheated to win the competition, going against the usual kind-heartedness and naivety, while the normally masculine SONG MINHO won no medal. In the horror session, KANG SEUNGYOON did not react to the scary ghosts, while LEE SEUNGHOON ran for his life. NAM TAEHYUN was the cute one, asking the staffers to come with him after being frightened by the ghosts.

 The audience was entertained every second by their clumsy and serious traces, and their reinterpretation of 2NE1’s hit song ‘Missing You’ was reborn with their individual tastes added to it.

 ‘Missing You’ was a mega hit, sweeping across 9 Korean real time, daily and weekly music charts, with the four members’ sentimental voices in the ballad melody.

 SONG MINHO’s version of the rapping kick starts the song, with KANG SEUNGYOON’s weighty vocal along his guitar comes in, followed by NAM TAEHYUN and KIM JINWOO’s unique voices. LEE SEUNGHOON’s rap adds another flavor to 2NE1’s newly born song.

 Fans are patiently waiting to see the next episode, where the members will reveal a parody of the hit drama ‘The Heirs.’

WINNER TV, a program that features the enthusiastic WINNER becoming a professional boy band, is aired every Friday at 10 pm on Mnet and Naver TV Cast.

Credits : YG-Life


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