What is New Year’s Holidays to Winner? – The Challenge to Bow to the CEO for New Year’s

Winner told reporters from TV Report DB what this New Year means to them.

In November last year, when our debut was decided, we carried on our activities in Korea as well as Japan. Our self-composed song is already officially released. But it wasn’t our official debut. Because our debut date wasn’t concretely decided, the amount of practise increased. We don’t think our schedule will be different even during the New Years’ holiday. But, if we have time, we want to visit the CEO, bow to him for New Year’s and get money gifts. But we know that it will never be easy. ㅋㅋㅋ We will bow to our oldest hyung, Jinwoo, instead and strive to concentrate on our practice. ㅋㅋㅋ

Note: It is a tradition for the older members (usually married) of a family to give cash gifts to the younger, unmarried members on the Lunar New Year. The gift symbolises good luck.

Source: tvreport.co.kr
Trans: @TeamAtheWinner


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