WINNER Fashion Find: WINNER TV Ep 8.

It’s time for Winner Fashion Finder Part 15! Winner TV Ep 8, The Heirs Parody!

This is his scene when first meeting Nam Eunsang in YG Building. The shirt that he wore was Jeremia Shirt from WESC which costs 88,800 Won and the sweater that he wore was Vilso Knit Black Sweater which costs or 106,800 Won .

Now, it’s something rare for me. Usually I have no interest in searching for Shoes brand, but not this time!

When Winner have their first meeting for the parody, I saw Seungyoon wore this cool shoes from Converse. This is Chuck Taylor All Star SM Hi – Superman which is a collaboration between DC Comics and Converse Japan and this sneakers costs 7,900 Yen.
Note: We have only taken the Seung Yoon excerpt  from the orifinal article. 
Credits: @pupujai
Full article: Here

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