Prediction for 2014: Which boy bands are the ones to watch? WINNER and others!

Allkpop predicts whish boy bands to watch this year and Winner is included!

“As far as the other boy bands to watch, we think it comes down to the rookies- the boys of EXO have already established themselves, so we’ll leave them out of the running. BTS is still new to the game and are already picking up steam, but coming from Big Hit Entertainment- one of the smaller companies- they’ve got stiff competition. JYP Entertainment’s GOT7 is already making waves with their debut song “Girls Girls Girls” and has been pegged as the successor to 2PM. Meanwhile, YG Entertainment’s WINNER is set to debut soon – with all the predebut buzz, could they steamroll the competition out of the way? Only time will tell. We’ll all be keeping a close eye on these groups.”

Note: This article has been edited.
Source: Allkpop
Full article: Here


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