Shinhwa’s Minwoo chooses WINNER as one of the idol groups he’s looking forward to!

Shinwha’s Minwoo seems to be a Winner fanboy! The idol said he has never missed an episode of Winner TV and his looking forward to their debut!

“I’m anticipating the group, WINNER. I watched their reality program (WIN). I’m proud to see such hardworking juniors. I think WINNER has a lot of talents. I never missed an episode of WINNERTV. I anticipate how they will turn their talents into music.”

In another interview, Lee Minwoo mentioned Winner’s recent parody of The Heirs.

“I watched WIN and even told Hyun Suk hyung which team I liked: Team A, now Winner. They have a lot of talents. Recently, I really enjoyed watching their parody of The Heirs. I’m anticipating for how the twist will be when the talents of the Winner members that I see in the parody come out through their music.

Note: This article has been edited

Full Article: Here and Here
Translated by: @TeamAtheWINNER  and @onewomansubs


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