In WINNER TV, WINNER Sets Out on Last Trip

YG Entertainment’s new boy group WINNER sets out on their last trip in “WINNER TV”.

In the preview of the last episode of “WINNER TV”, which was disclosed on YG’s official blog and search engine NAVER’s TV CAST on the 13 at midnight, WINNER is taking the last trip to bid farewell to the show.

KIM JINWOO, the eldest member of WINNER, says “I’m sad” while packing, and NAM TAEHYUN, the youngest one, forces himself to smile, saying “I’m really sad that it’s the last time”.

WINNER members took the last trip to Mangsang Beach in Donghae, Gangwon Province, and they had heart-to-heart talks as a team, sitting around the fire. Notably, in the preview, SONG MINHO is shedding tears and the other members also have tears standing in their eyes, making WINNER fans curious about the members they shared in the last trip.

The last episode will be aired on the 14 at 10pm.

Credits: YG-LIFE


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