Winner Tv Weekly Highlights #10: “It is only just a beginning of WINNER!”

In the feeling of sadness, WINNER TV is on its final episode. It feels like WINNER approached a step closer when we looked back at 10 weeks that feel short. It was a full of feeling of excitement when [WINNER TV] first started but I guess we cannot do anything but have sad minds when we think about the fact that it is the last.

However, if we think that this is not the end of the story of WINNER but instead thinking it of as a very small part of what WINNER could let us see and listen was shown through WINNER TV, we get to look forward to the performances, songs, and many more that WINNER will show. The last that was made for a real beginning! Please remember it for a long time.

Do not miss lots of news about WINNER that will be shown through STARCAST!

[WINNER TV] 10th episode It is only just a beginning of WINNER!
The night before shooting for the last time, what would members be thinking as they prepare for the last?

The first guest that visited WINNER’s home! 2NE1’s story of visiting WINNER’s home. Bom&Seunghoon’s cooking ramen that is quarrelsome but happy. The advice from 2NE1, who are learning lots of things as they made their debut first, as a senior singer. The stories they share when they went on a last trip riding on a camping car that they have been jealous of while cooking and eating barbeque. The emergence of someone in the surprise video letter who even made not only the members but also the viewers cry?! Meet all these right now!

Video #1. WINNER’s ‘A Flying Butterfly’

‘A Flying Butterfly’ that WINNER sang.
The song that has the lyrics that shows the minds of WINNER well and the song that feels like we hear WINNER’s minds clearly the more we think about the lyrics.

Video#2. ‘Time capsule’ that has all the stories of WINNER

The hat that symbolized unity when WINNER was Team A, couple t-shirts that the youngest line made in Shibuya, the lyric composition note and song production note of Go Up, the map that stayed together even when struggling to find Tokyo Tower for 3 hours, Dome Tour name tag and even to yi~hee doll, something that adds liveliness to home, the making of time capsule that has all the stories from WINNER TV!

Video#3 ‘Fighting’ that was given through the mind and accepted through the mind!’

Hi, WINNER~ Just to this one phrase, the video letter from Team B that made fully grown-up five men end up in tears. The minds of feeling sorry that WINNER had. And also the support and the maximum of the last that contains Team B’s honest and sincere stories that contains the mind that they will catch up soon!!

A surprise gift for people who have been waiting for STARCAST! The revealing of WINNER’s off-shots! Meet the behind stories of [WINNER TV] right now with the pictures of the members!

[Taehyun] He is wearing a training outfit as he is currently in the process of maintaining his weight to make a debut with cool looks! He is someone who is capable of everything from recording, exercising and even writing the card that he will send to the fans!”

“[Mino] Who knew.. that just that one line will make such a drawing. Really did not know. Nobody knew.”

[Seungyoon] Whose hand is this!? You guys will probably all.. know.. but the hand is too handsome also~!

[Mino&Seungyoon] Super concentrating mode. It seems like they will only look up when we call their names for at least three times.

[Melody room]. They are spending most of their days these days at this melody room.

[Taehyun] The revealing of the selfie that does not have any remains of Nam Eun-sang +_+ But how can the lips can be so red.”

[Seunghoon] caught him on sight while he is having a meal! I am taking care of my meals even when I am busy^^

[Taehyun&Jinwoo] “The youngest and the oldest. The pictures of the two that is rarely seen.

[Seungyoon&Mino] With just the soap bubble that they got as the gift, they do not know that time is passing by.

[Jinwoo] Last but not least, wrap up with the oldest Jin Woo’s super zoomed-in picture. Practicing singing in the early morning. When looking at him closely.. He is pretty.

WINNER TV Weekly The information about the event for the final episode

Send messages of support to WINNER, whom the date of their debut is just around the corner!
When leaving comments below, we will give out the picture card that contains WINNER members’ autographs and the greetings by casting a lot.
→ The gift is an A4 size and has the picture in the front and the autograph in the back.^^

Kang Seungyoon: “I hope this 2014 becomes a happy year for all of you together with WINNER. I’ll become a hard-working, singing ‘Kang Seungyoon’. Please look forward to our album~ I love you & Thank you”

Lee Seunghoon: “2014~ Together with WINNER! I want to hurry and see you all!”

Song Minho: “Yeah, we’ll go up. In the melody room, we are preparing for our first celebration stage. Though you might feel anxious and frustrated, we won’t let your waiting go to waste… With an affectionate heart”

Nam Taehyun: “Thank you for always loving us. I love you.”

Kim Jinwoo: “You just gotta be strong. I’m so thankful for everyone’s love.”

Written by/Pictures provided by= YG Entertainment
Messages translated by: @onewomansubs


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