[INTERVIEW] Winner on What’s IN? Japanese Magazine

WINNER, the chosen 5 who won magnificent battles.

Everyone in Japan is very kind and food tastes good. Throughout the tour, we have a sense of closeness with Japan.

This is an interview for ”WHAT’S IN”. Nice to meet you!

KSY: Nice to meet you,too! [Then he found V.I. (Seungri) featured on the Feb Issue of WHAT’S IN] ‘Oh~! V.I. sunbae!

MINO: He is cool. (laughs)

At first, tell me your name and your favorite music genre,please?

SEUNGYOON: I’m the leader Kang Seung Yoon. I like Rock music the best. For example, UK Rock and so on.

MINO: My name is Song MinHo. I’m a power rapper. I like HipHop like Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and so on.

TAEHYUN: I’m in charge of vocal, Taehyun. I listen various genres of music though R&B is my favorite.

SEUNGHOON: I’m a rapper Seung Hoon.I like HipHop and R&B.

JINWOO: I’m  vocal, Jinwoo. I often listen dance music.

TAEHYUN: Electric Dance Music (EDM) ?

JINWOO: Yes (laughs).

How was the opening act of BIGBANG’s tour?

SEUNGYOON :It was a distinct honor to do dome tours with BIGBANG sunbae.I was so happy to experience such a huge stage for the first time.

MINO: Although we were so nervous when we started the tour at Seibu Dome, I was gradually able to enjoy the stage. And then, I’ve become better at harmonizing with the audience. Also, I’m so grateful (to everyone) for giving me a chance to learn a lot of skills.

TAEHYUN: I was also impressed that we ate tasty food at each place in Japan.

Which one was the best?

TAEHYUN: Kobe beef!(Immediate answer)

MINO: Taehyun loves meat.

JINWOO: Takoyaki and Tebasaki (fried chicken wings) were also good.

TAEHYUN: And motsunabe (giblets cooked in a hot pot). Mino,you like natto, right?

MINO: Yes, it’s super delicious.

You fit perfectly into Japanese culture. (laughs)

TAEHYUN: Everyone is kind, the streets are clean and food is good. Throughout the tour,we feel familiar with Japan.

SEUNGHOON: Especially the enthusiasm in Osaka (Kyocera Dome) was amazing!

JINWOO: I think Big Bang’s fans sympathize with us.

How was BIGBANG’s concert?

SEUNGYOON: Of course (Big Bang) are cool and they showed us what should we learn (from their stage). Therefore their concert is a ‘learning (lesson)’ rather than just watching for us.

I see. How did you feel during the ”WIN:Who Is Next” program?

TAEHYUN: We were in a desperate situation.

SEUNGYOON: (WIN) was really cruel and painful battle because the opponents of this battle were in our company and we’ve worked hard together for several years. However, our mind that we want to debut was stronger (than that sentiment).

JINWOO: It was painful for me, too. I wanted to work harder because I am the oldest. And I was anxious about my future if I lost the battle since I’m old enough to serve in the army. So, I really appreciate that the other members helped me.

SEUNGHOON: We had lost the first few rounds. I have had the thought, “We might not be able to debut. Should I choose a different path? ” But I made my mind empty, and it got better little by little.

TAEHYUN: I think our characters are strong and unforgettable, that’s why we could win the battle.

Can you tell us about the characters of each member?

SEUNGYOON: Yes, Mino is a mood maker. He will liven us up even when the atmosphere of the team is down. But, he is completely different and serious when he composes and writes rap lyrics.

MINO: Taehyun is… (Taehyun shuts his ears with his hands)

MINO: (laughs) Taehyun is the youngest but he isn’t kind of charming. Usually he is quiet and calm. He is very eager in music and he always tries to develop himself. I think he is our axis.

TAEHYUN: Seung Hoon has unique ideas and is a really individual person, but there is something mystical about him … I don’t know how to explain… He is like a chameleon (laughs)

SEUNGHOON: Chameleon…(laughs). Jinwoo is the oldest of our members. First, I thought “He is unreliable…” but gradually I learnt that he has a strong mind. So,when I have a personal problem I ask him first.

JINWOO: Thanks for the compliment (laughs). My leader is younger than me, but he takes care of us a lot. Sometimes, he scolds us like a mother. He has already debuted as a solo, so he gives us exact advice.

What’s the advice?

SEUNGYOON: For example, how to communicate with staff and fans. We record our live rehearsal and check our pitch and movement.

I see. Everyone seems to live together. Do you sometimes hang out together?

MINO: After starting WINNER TV , we went to many places together.

SEUNGYOON: The program (Winner TV) made us closer. We could make fun memories (during the tour).

TAEHYUN: Skiing in Sapporo.

MINO: Kawagoe was also fun.

That is Kawagoe in Saitama, right? Cool (laughs). You are already determined and soon you will have full-scale music activities in Korea. What kind of music do you want to do in the future?

SEUNGYOON: At first, we each have 5 colors of music… HipHop, Rock, R&B, punk, dance music and so on. We want to adopt them. I want to do music that a lot of people sympathize with. I want you to feel fun and sad together with WINNER.

Lastly, please tell me your target.

SEUNGYOON: I think we want to stand in the domes with the title of Winner. However, we realise that we cannot do this until we reach a higher level.

TAEHYUN: Two and a half months later. Just a kidding. (laughs)

SEUNGYOON: (laughs) We are incorporating various things into ourselves and we want to come back to the dome.

Note: FSY has compiled translations from various sources and edited them a little to provide the best translation.

Translation Credits: @WINNER_BASE, @IBBBVIP and @YCABANG.


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