Former YG Trainee Teddie Lee talks about what it’s like to be a trainee in YG, his friendship with Seungyoon and Jinwoo, personal struggles and vision

What started as another regular topic in a forum ended as a 31 page discussion between fans/forum members and former YG trainee Teddie Lee himself. Teddie took time to talk and answered all the questions directed at him in hope to steer clear of some of the judgments passed at him and also tend to the curiosities of many.

 Teddie trained in YG for about 2 years since 2010 and during his stay in YG he befriended both Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Jin Woo, both of whom are still very dear to him. He revealed that it was Seungyoon who suggested he become a part of the MyDol project since he (SY) was aware about his (TL) disinterest in the Korean Music Industry.

Many are still prejudiced about Lee’s music and his attitude.When questioned about why become a trainee he explained that he did only to build up his resume and added that he simply doesn’t fit in the Korean music scene, “I was too impatient with my music and I was too impatient with myself”, he reasoned.

When asked about Seungyoon he said, “Seung Yoon is one chill guy. He’s really open to a lot of things and I guess you can say he was a Korean equivalent of a hipster.He loved different and unique things and that’s what had me and him get along so well.One day I plan on uploading a song he and I recorded on a crappy mic in the training hall. We both composed it and he sang it while I did the background vocals for it.”

About Jinwoo and Taehyun he said, “I was extremely close with Seung Yoon and Jin woo however me and Tae hyun never ever REALLY kicked it off. He came towards the end of my time at YG and Jin Woo hyung was part of the original 4 members chosen back in 2010. Jinwoo is the NICEST guy you will ever meet. Taehyun was a pretty awkward kid and soft spoken and he was really emotional. But all in all a great kid.I’m so happy for all of them especially Jin woo hyung,he had an extremely hard time with training.”

He didn’t reveal much about his trainee life. A forum member asked “how are you guys evaluated?” and he replied “I mean it’s just the usual. You guys would be surprised to hear this but most k-pop artists don’t really listen to Korean music. They practice and cover american songs because it helps you improve faster (language inflections).So they really focus on the basic, how well u sing, how much ur on beat, the dance choreography etc.”

To another question he said “Monthly evaluations were always held in the 2NE1 practice room (the one you see all the time when YG releases their choreo videos at the studio).I really enjoyed those things cause it gave me a chance to freely talk to Teddie, CL, Youngbae, G-D, etc.”

Teddie is currently promoting the single ‘On Cloud Nine‘ from his self produced album ‘Life as Death‘ on YouTube. If you’re open to and interested in discovering new music, check out his work here.

Follow him on his socials for more : Twitter | Facebook

By grace for @ksyupdates
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