WINNER Signatures Spotted at Imja-do by a Fan!

On the 25th of November 2013, Winner visited Jinwoo’s hometown as was shown in Episode 5 of Winner TV. As seen in that episode, Winner wrote messages on and signed the wall of a house on the island. This picture of Winner’s signatures and messages was taken by a fan in Imjado and posted on DC Winner.

“The raw fish is *alive/The sashimi was awesome!” – Taehyun
“The chicken is *alive/The chicken was awesome” – Mino
“It’s really delicious (2013.11.25)” – Seungyoon
“Make a big hit” – Jinwoo
Hoon just wrote his name ‘Lee Seung Hoon’

Note:‘alive’ is a Korean expression meaning ‘it’s good’.

Translations by: TeamAtheWINNER, onewomansubs


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