[FANACCOUNTS] Seung Yoon and Winner at NII x Winner White Love Fanevent

Forever Seung Yoon’s Korean admin received this from Mino at the fan event. According to her, when asked about the debut, Mino said that they did not know when will they debut and Kang Seung Yoon asked the fans to wait for them.

More pictures of candy and autographs the fans received: 

This fan received got a NII shirt with Winner’s autographs! 

Another fan asked Winner to sign her WIN Epilouge DVD for her: 

Fans also prepared a banner to show their love for Kang Leader:

Syna S (@1004SYNA) tweeted:

“It was my first time to see Seungyoon…. He looks much much much more HANDSOME in person than on TV…. I was speechless…… “


“In the first event, Seungyoon called number 94 and in the seocond he called 21.. Those numbers are related to his birthday : )”
More fan accounts below:
“Fan: Are you able to read Katakana now?Seunghoon: Yes, you can say so~
Seungyoon started laughing: ㅋㅋHyung.. no you can’tㅋㅋ”

“Fan: Please debut soon~
KSY: We’re working very hard~”

“Fan: Oppa what age do I look like?
Seungyoon & Taehyun just looked at her
So she just confessed her ageㅋㅋ
KSY laughed “Ah..””

Photo credits: DC Winner, ksyupdates, Syna S, as tagged and to owner
Fan Accounts: From DC Winner and translated by @onewomansubs


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