[TRANS] WINNER in a Hong Kong Newspaper (140324)

Winner “strikes lottery”* upon reaching Hong Kong

The new Korean boy group Winner took an early morning flight to Hong Kong the night before to perform as special guests at 2NE1’s World Tour. Even though they just debuted, they have quite a few fans from Hong Kong. Last night, nearly 200 people went to the airport to pick Winner up. The fans showed a lot of craziness, and it was a chaotic scene.

Winner walked into the airport last night at 11 o’clock and fans rushed up to get close to the idols. Although there were 10 bodyguards present to maintain order, there was a lot of pushing. Nam Taehyun got pushed and fell down, unluckily, and some fans tried to throw the members presents and ‘struck lottery”.

Some fans posted online about their heartache upon hearing about their idols getting hit (by the presents thrown), hoping that the same situation would not repeat again when it comes to the tour in Taiwan, in April. Some said, “Winner’s fans are so scary… They grabbed the members’ clothes, touched them, held their hands and shoved them.”

T/N: *Strike lottery – The members were hit directly by the presents the fans threw

Translated by :SY@SY12000
Picture cr: Kathkkk on Weibo


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