Yang, “Winner’s Debut Approaches… Photographing Album Jacket”

YG’s founder YANG HYUN SUK expressed his fondness for WINNER, and at the same time hinted the process of the group’s upcoming debut.

YANG told TV Report on April 15, “I know very well that expectations for WINNER’s debut album are high among the fans. The delay in release led to breaking a promise with them. Fans are very enthusiastic about WINNER, so they have a great interest in them. I feel very bad, but making a debut with just an average album could let them down.”

YANG is putting much thought into the album as this is a debut album for WINNER. The rest of the staff members are devoting their energy into the very first piece of work that will be produced under the name WINNER.

YANG commented, “We want to repay the fans with a great outcome. Recently we had a meeting on the music video. It will be filmed soon. Currently they are photographing the album jacket. We are trying out different concepts to produce the best content.”

YANG, who praised WINNER’s potential, has high expectations for the group. He added, “Getting the first step right is important. I am devoting all my energy into it, and preparing it with much caution. We want to gift the fans with something great.”

The winning team of 2013’s survival program WIN, WINNER aims to make a debut in the first half of the year. They are vigorously preparing for the upcoming debut.

Source: YG-Life


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