#PRAYFORSOUTHKOREA Sewol Ferry Incident Donation Request


I’m sure everyone is aware of the tragedy that happened in Korea this Wednesday where a ferry that was making a trip from Incheon, Seoul to Jeju, containing around 467 passengers, most of them being high school kids from Danwon High School, capsized near Jindo.

The incident could or could not be avoided but now it has happened and the focus should be on how to rescue the missing, take care of the survivors, provide strength and comfort to the families that have lost and the families that are waiting.

After crossing a certain point of frustration that came from the realization of how helpless we are in this situation, we have decided  to collect money or relief funds and use it buy essentials for the people at Jindo.

We request all our followers to donate for this cause. Even $1 is a donation and it will make a difference. Our admin in Korea, HJ unnie has agreed to buy the items required and send it to Jindo.

The donations will be sent in Seung Yoon’s name and also we will be giving Winner/ Seung Yoon stickers/photos to whose who donate. We will be collecting using PayPal. Please send your donations to : namraeryuni@gmail.com

Also do pray for everyone involved in the incident, from the people missing to the divers, the families to the school kids, everyone.I’d also like to request a small prayer for our HJ unnie’s friend, a teacher at Danwon High school,who is still missing. #PRAYFORSOUTHKOREA

For more details contact us: @gyelloG@namraeryuni

-FSY Admins


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